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  • 4525 Se 108th Place Portland, OR - Lents
    road needs fixed during winter cars get stuck and weather causes mud holes and puddles and during summer dust spreads everywhere onto cars and inside houses
    heres a link to google maps to look at street
  • 39 Th Se Crest Ct Portland, OR - Center
    @#$% covering toilet paper roll, toilet seat an mirror today. In the past there has been toilet paper soaked with urine, floors saturated with urine and fecal matter on mirror at one point. I was assaulted by a homeless man in this bathroom once. Luckily I had pepper spray and was able to avoid becoming a statistic
  • 4093 Ne 33rd Ave Portland, OR 97212 - Alameda

    The stretch of NE 33rd between Prescott and Fremont really needs some ways to calm the traffic down. Signage, speed-traps, traffic humps, whatever - cars are cruising through here - both dangerous and noisy.

    though the speed limit says 30, cars go 40+

  • 3307 Se 92nd Ave Portland, OR - Powellhurst
    I-205 and Division St.
    Homeless people are living under the overpass w/ mattress and junk
  • 1207 Se Hawthorne Portland, OR 97214, USA - Buckman
    Late night food court mall built of trailers and make shift structures tents and looks like a homeless village fire pits and keg parties on a regular basis. Resulting in drunk drivers playing bumper cars and alcohol infused fights, yelling matches from 11pm to 4 am daily
  • 101 399 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97232, USA - Kerns
    The bike lane is still dangerous for a number of reasons (less-than-ideal curve, poor drainage, and now a rough surface where the old striping was ground off). It would be much better to widen the sidewalk and simply stripe a cycle track onto what is currently the sidewalk. Ramps could be added just like on the Hawthorne Bridge.
  • 6936 Se Nehalem St Portland, OR - Brentwood-Darlington
    Children, pets and pedestrians are endangered daily (especially nightly) by speeding traffic on this double-block. Speed traps or speed bumps would help considerably.
  • Fruit Seller Archived
    2820 Se 8th Ave Portland, OR - Hosford
    Guy selling fruit on corner is getting in the way of traffic.
  • Freemount Bridge Portland, OR - Overlook
    can someone please paint this bridge it has never been painted in it's history.
  • Sw 40th And Sw Multnomah Blvd Portland, OR - Maplewood-Ashcreek
    A motorcyclist may end up severely injured on Multnomah Blvd unless the terrible construction/paving jobs are fixed. Terrible!
  • Sw Kelly Ave. SW Hood Ave., SW Lane St., SW Gaines St., SW Curry St., SW Whitaker St., SW Gibbs St., Portland, OR 97239 - Corbett-Terwilliger-Lair Hill
    Area resident tired of South Waterfront, OHSU, Mirabella, and their employees destroying our livability by burdening this small area with all the cars and commuters the city of Portland supports by refusing to enforce it's own city ordinances described as> Commuters from other areas are using spaces that should be utilized by area residents, employees and visitors. Commuter parking is defined as: vehicles driven from another area and parked in the affected area; the drivers then leave the area to conduct business elsewhere. The competition for parking spaces is currently being won by commuters from outside the area because they are leaving their vehicles for the entire day, thereby eliminating those spaces for the area residents and businesses.

    A easy solution for the city of portland would be to annex these streets into the zone F area parking permit program.
  • 2 N Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97217 - Humboldt
    This is an extremely dangerous intersection. Cars turn down the street going the wrong way several times a day. Please improve the signage so motorists know not to turn the wrong way.