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  • 31455 Bock Garden City, MI - Garden City
    This past Wednesday our waiste management driver pulled out a bag of garbage from our container and threw it on our driveway. My container was half full so i put in a paper bag half full of leaves. Question is, what is he doing going through my garbage?
  • Helen Highway Archived
    Helen St Garden City, MI - Garden City
    A four-way stop sign is needed. Cars are exceding 50 mph on Helen St, north of Ford Rd.
    Even the school buses drive 40 mph.
  • pot holes Archived
    28722 Alvin Garden City, MI - Garden City
    Lots of potholes on Harrison, between Ford Rd. and Marquette. 1 really huge one, please fix!!!
  • Patch Street. Archived
    31961 Kathryn Street Garden City, MI 48135, USA - Garden City
    Several areas of Kathryn street needs patching from Merriman to Craig please.
  • 5821 Helen Garden City, MI - Garden City
    The people on the NW corner of Helen and Beechwood let their lab roam the block. The dog craps all over the place and they do not clean up after it.
  • 31961 Kathryn Street Garden City, MI 48135, USA - Garden City
    If you could please have DPS patch Craig between Cherry hill & Ford would be appreciated. Seems the west end of Garden City has been a little neglected. Thanks.
  • N W Corner Of Harrison And Elmwood Garden City, MI - Garden City
  • 6435 Hubbard St Garden City, MI 48135, USA - Garden City
    Huge potholes ( to many to count) full stretch on Hubbard Street from Warren road to Maplewood Street in Garden City.
  • 6400-6498 Hubbard Street Garden City, Michigan - Garden City
    Huge potholes from Maplewood to Dover Ave. Stretch is so bad you have to drive on the lawns to avoid them. There are dangerous near misses where road has become one-way street causing possible head-on collisions. Please investigate and fix.
  • 843-899 Deering St Garden City, MI 48135, USA - Garden City
    The houses in the address range park their cars across the sidewalk. We have a member in our house that uses a wheelchair it is not safe for him to have to go in the street and up the next driveway. (see attached photo)
  • 30661 Rosslyn Ave Garden City, MI 48135, USA - Garden City
    While I typically don't mind barking, the dog at this house is more than we can handle. Constant barking (at everything from passing cars to moms with strollers) at all times of the day/night. Owners do nothing. I am sure this violates some type of noise ordinance. Would love to be able to have a discussion with my neighbors without having to talk over the barking.
  • Craig And Hennepin Garden City MI, USA - Garden City
    Garbage is being picked up before 7 a.m. on a regular basis.