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  • 465 New Milford Ave Oradell, NJ 07649 - Oradell
    The entire stretch of New Milford Ave betw Kinderkamack & River Rd is a pothole obstacle course...really stinks!!
  • 787 799 Ridgewood Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    Ridgewood Avenue in Oradell located one block west of Prospect Avenue - huge potholes on east and west bound lanes have gone unrepaired for years now. Write a certified letter to Oradell Town Clerk and the NJ Department of Transportation registering the fact that the road is a liability waiting to happen. Put them on notice in the event you or someone is injured as a result of Oradell's inaction in this matter.
  • 461 New Milford Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
  • New Milford Avenue Oradell, NJ - Oradell
    New Milford Avenue in Oradell is completely covered in pot holes! It has been like this for about 2 years and getting worse. Drive down it, you won't believe your eyes or the damage its doing to your car!!!
  • 787-799 Ridgewood Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    Ridgewood Ave, Oradell between Kinderkamack Rd and Spring Valley Road. It is worst westbound between Sussex and Essex St.
  • New Milford Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    Entire strech of road is covered in holes.
  • Forest Avenue And Soldier Hill Road Oradell, NJ - Oradell

    When Soldier hill Road was opened from Forest Avenue to Pascack Road, and hundreds of homes were build in Paramus bordeing Soldier Hill Road, the amount of traffic has increased to such a degree, making left turns dangerous, and accidents occurring frequently.

    Left turn lanes were created going north and south on Forest Avenue from Soldier Hill Road, but without turn arrows in the light on this road, I feel it is a very unsafe road.

    I had written and called the traffic engineer for Bergen County, AAA, my town council in Oradell, but have not received a positive response. As it stands now, Soldier hill Road is used as a highway. Most people ignore the 35 mile per hour speed limit.

  • Woodland Ave. Oradell, New Jersey - Oradell
  • Rutherford Nj - Oradell
    Potholes, Rough Road
  • Ridgewood Avenue In Oradell N.J. - Oradell
    Axle breaking pot holes and rough road surface
  • 588 Veldran Avenue Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    Axle busting potholes in the roadway in front of the Oradell Post Office.
    Send registered letters to NJDOT to assure compensation for repairs to you or your vehicle if needed in the future
  • 840 Ridgewood Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    When is Oradell going to fix Ridgewood Avenue? From Spring Valley east to Maple the road is so chewed up you need to drive down the middle without loosening all the bolts on your vehicle. This road has been like this for two years.