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  • 872 N. 40th Street Philadelphia, PA - Belmont
    872 N. 40 th St. is a church (True Holiness Temple). The building next next to our church, 874 N. 40 St was demolished last month and when the demolition crew completed the work and left it appears that both central air units for upstairs and downstairs also left as they were located in the backyard at 872 N 40th St. This needs needs to be investigated immediately as I am sure the demolition crew was contracted by the city.
  • 2200 Saint Albans Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    This issue has been reported to the police on multiple occasions to no avail. The building on the eastern end of the 2200 block of Saint Albans is falling apart, with broken and boarded-up windows. Yet it still houses a suspicious-looking "Checks Cashed" store and several unsavory characters, while serving as the location for the ongoing, blatant and shameless sale of both drugs and sexual favors. This is unsightly, a fire hazard, and a drive-by waiting to happen, despite the police's nonchalance. Please help us stop this!
  • Horrible stench Acknowledged
    739 Earp St Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Passyunk Square
    There is an horrible stench coming from this house that is so bad the neighbors a half block in any direction can no longer open their windows. And there's a rat problem now, too. What is the smell? Who knows? Cats/dogs/death?
  • 612 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village
    The yard behind Saigon Maxim, a restaurant located at 612 Washington Avenue, is abused as an open-air trash pit. The refuse from the restaurant is left to putrify on the ground in half-open garbage bags, carelessly tossed on the ground or into the open bed of a beat up trash truck. The residents of the 600 block of Federal St are most affected as their windows face the yard and the rodents come and go via the gate on Federal St.
  • 652-698 Roxborough Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Roxborough
    There is no storm water/sewer inlet to catch the water that flows down Roxborough Ave. and onto the golf course and adjacent park. During storms large amounts of sediment are deposited on the golf cart path and severe erosion is occurring in the park. The water is flowing along the north side of Roxborough Ave. from Henry Ave towards Magdalena St. The inlet would need to be located on the north side of Roxborough Ave where it intersects with Magdalena St.
  • 801 Catharine St. Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 15th And Market Philadelphia, PA - City Center West
    Large group of people who are trashing an area of downtown. Blocking public access to parts of the city.
  • Market St & 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    Pizzicato is blocking the sidewalk on Market street.
    There is less than 3' clear width remaining for pedestrian passage. This is a clear violation of city ordinance requiring (I believe half the width of) the sidewalk be clear for passage.
  • 1501 Montrose Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest

    1501 Montrose Street is a nuissance property. It is a mixed use apt/commercial. The bottom floor used to be a laundromat. The area behind the property (on 15th) is a constant source of sanitation violations: garbage bags, old furniture, wood, etc.

    In addition, someone has placed a brown rubbermaid trash can on the sidewalk (on 15th btw Montrose & Christian). This attracts all manner of food waste, old clothes, etc. At this moment, it is overflowing. People see the trash and simply add more to it. Last week there was a filthy mattress dropped off. Yesterday, a discarded car seat.

    The neighbors try to keep the surrounding area clean. There is even a thriving community garden next to all of this garbage.

    It is an eyesore and a health hazard. Neighbors have seen rodents at this location.

    We have called 311 numerous times and the trash can has been emptied once or twice. But this property is a serious violator of sanitation laws and the culprits are making the area miserable for all others.

  • 995 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123 - Northern Liberties

    The city installed rumble strips along 2nd Street on Tuesday (10/6). It's clear that these were installed in order to slow vehicles within the vicinity of multiple mid-block pedestrian crossings; however, the rumble strips are cut across the full-width of both lanes, are difficult for cyclists to traverse, and are a tire-wedge hazard.

    It seems that the rumble strips could have been just as effective if they were only installed within the center of the road (perhaps extending 5' on each side of the lane line) so that vehicles would still catch the strips with one wheel while allowing cyclists to bypass the rumble strips along the edge of the lane.

    It is worth noting that the ped crossing issue at this location is only partially due to high vehicular speeds; the other issue is the poor sight distances at these crossings. Although painted pedestrian bump-outs are present in some locations, the narrow lanes and existing parking lanes greatly limit the sight distance and pose a safety hazard. In addition to addressing the rumble strip issue, perhaps a REAL look should be taken at addressing the pedestrian crossings... like a visible pedestrian signal... something like the newly approved, pedestrian actuated, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons to grab motorists attention. (FYI, the PennDOT approval number is SPD-001X for those beacons.)

    A photo is included as part of this updated posting.

  • 2221 St Albans Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The legal AND Illegal tenants of the PHA property located at 2221 St Albans street have taken to using an orange traffic cone to reserve a personal parking spot not only in front of the house, but will also place the cone in front of other TAX PAYING resident's homes on the block. This has just recently started and I believe that the "new" and illegal tenants are the culprits. Piles of garbage are also left in front of the property all week long where the trash is rotting and is now beginning to attract rodents.
  • 735 S. 21st Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Kitten dying in window of vacant apartment -- owner was evicted??? Cat has been there for days. Everyone says they can't do anything about it . . .