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Watching issues created after: 2012-02-07

PRTW is concerned with quality of life issues in the neighborhood

Notified About

  • 2311 E Somerset St. Philadelphia, PA - East Kensington
    Vacant lot across the street covered in trash, including mattresses and vaccuums.
  • 3260 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA - East Kensington
    Garbage littered all over sidewalk on both sides of street and block. What an eyesore. I am dissapointed. Do we really have a Mayor of Philadelphia?
  • East Somerset St. Between Aramingo And Tulip Streets. Philadelphia, PA - East Kensington
    Tons of trash along this block on the opposite side of houses.
  • 2835 Kingston St Philadelphia, PA 19134, USA - Richmond
    Dumping of construction materials including (broken) glass panels, dumping of rug sections, cabinet, table,broken chairs on 11.28.2010 between morning and 9 PM. Rug sections in middle of road in two piles.
  • 2663 Martha St Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Richmond
    2663 Martha St. windows not covered, bad smell - cats, back yard is covered with trash
    Opposite side of Martha St abandoned building - wood shutters falling apart and ready to fall
  • 3163 Richmond St Philadelphia, PA 19134, USA - Richmond
    This house has been abandoned for 2 years. The backyard is full of trash and weeds. All of the windows are open. A family of cats goes in and out leaving the house full of feces. There has also been thefts at the house. The back screen door was taken with other small items. Its in safe and unhealthy.
  • 2338 East Venango Street Philadelphia, PA - Richmond
    all varieties of fast food containers: bags, cups, lids, straws, sandwich wrappers plastic water bottles. From Wendy's, Checker's, etc.
  • 3480 Tulip St Philadelphia, PA - Richmond

    Please repaint the abandoned Tioga Pipe Company building at the corner of E Tioga & Tulip Streets. There are 2 tags on the buuilding on the Tulip Street side in black paint and 2 tags on the E Tioga st side in red paint.

    The building is the light gray color.

  • 2607 East Seltzer St Philadelphia, PA - Richmond
  • 3400 3498 Coral St Philadelphia, PA 19134, USA - East Kensington
    There is an abandoned grey Chevy on Coral Street blocking the sidewalk that has been there for at least 5 months. The license plate was removed (was GTK-9920 before it was removed). The car has a flat tire. Lots of trash and drug paraphanalia has accumulated around the vehicle. Please have this removed. I belive this is in the 24th police district.
  • 2900 Orthodox St Philadelphia, PA 19137, USA - Richmond
    There is an abandoned Nissan Pathfinder in front of Building 3C. The Pathfinder is white and rusty. It is unregistered and has expired inspection stickers. It has a damaged left fog light and we would like you to tow it.
  • 3401-3499 Tulip St Philadelphia, PA 19134, USA - Richmond

    There are dozens of grafitti tags along the back of the Imperial Plaza (with the Bally's) shopping center on Tulip Street between Tioga and Ontario.

    All tags are on "Brown" painted brick. This can not be power washed off and needs to be repainted. Most of the tags are white, yellow or a gold color.

    There is also 2 tags at the intersection of Tioga and Tulip on a green utility box that needs to be covered up.