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Montclair Safety and Improvement Committee

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  • 6226 Moraga Ave Piedmont, CA 94611, USA - Montclair
    This is the worst the pond has looked in the 12 years I have used the park. It is overgrown and now full of pond scum. It looks stagnant. Really needs some better circulation and some if the tall vegetation cleared on the end near the playground.
  • 1687 Mountain Blvd Oakland, California - Montclair
    The sidewalk between Montclair Library (1687 Mountain) and Montclair Elementary (1757 Mountain) is badly damaged, with cracks, dips, upheaval and other damage, making it hard for people with strollers or wheelchairs (or even unwary pedestrians) to navigate safely. This section of sidewalk gets a lot of foot traffic due to the library, local schools and the nearby bus stop - it would be great to have some improvements.
  • 400 Montclair Avenue Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Cleveland Heights
    Abandoned Couch - This couch has been here for months now. It is obviously been dumped either by a tenant or someone on the block. The weeds have even been cut down around it so the property owner must know it's there. It's located to the left of the main entrance on Montclair.
  • 6226 Moraga Avenue Piedmont, California - Montclair
    Wonderful volunteers cleaned up the park last weekend and picked up trash, but the trash bags are still sitting in the park waiting for pickup, and now animals have chewed them open and strewn a bunch of the trash all over again. Also, the regular trash can in the tot lot is literally overflowing with dirty diapers and other debris - please pick up all this trash before the weekend, which always brings parties, extra visitors and even more trash to the park. Thanks.
  • Montclair Parking Garage - Montclair Business
    Mattress discarded outside of parking garage at the stairs leading to the Montclair Railroad Trail.
  • Pothole Archived
    4941-4999 Park Boulevard Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakmore
    I drove over a pothole on the west side of the Park Bv (heading down towards Glenview from Montclair) that was so bad, my car slammed down into it with a screaming loud bang likely damaging my suspension and tires from this either unreported horrific pot hole or pit hike that is being ignored... again. This one must get fixed.
  • 757 Brooklyn Avenue Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights
    A sofa (loveseat) and a mattress have been dumped near each other, on Brooklyn Ave, between Van Dyke and Montclair.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Monterey Blvd. Oakland, CA - Lincoln Highlands
    There is a ton of garbage and old furniture dumped on the hillside leading down to the Montclair Golf Club on Monterey Blvd. Dump is on same side of street as Golf Club between entrance to Highway 13 South and the Golf Club entrance.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1650-1664 Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Montclair
    On the parking side of Mountain next to the Montclair Women's Club. Limited parking around library; this hole is quite deep.
  • Bayo Street Oakland, CA - Redwood Heights
    The potholes on Bayo Street and 39th Avenue starting at Reinhardt Drive are to the point where you have to dodge the potholes. I have lost count of how many potholes are located on these two streets. I have taken photos of some of the potholes (see attached). I have been living on Bayo Street since 1998 (14-years) and 14-years ago I was told Bayo Street was on the list to be resurfaced. To this day Bayo Street has become riddled with large potholes and 39th Avenue was resurfaced from Bayo to MacArthur and now from Bayo Street up to Aliso Avenue 39th Avenue should be resurfaced. It has become an act of dodging the potholes to drive to work or home. Please add these two streets, especially Bayo Street to the list of streets in Oakland to be resurfaced. It is depressing to drive around the city of Oakland and see other streets being resurfaced in more affluent neighborhoods, i.e., Montclair and the Glenview District. Take a look at the streets in the Laurel District. Please.
  • 2056 Mountain Blvd Oakland, California - Montclair Business
    This shop has been closed for over two years, NEVER open, same dusty stuff in the window, PILES of mail building up by the door, and ceiling tiles falling down visible too. The landlord needs to be pushed to find another tenant - this is visual BLIGHT for Montclair, a negative distraction for other businesses, and terrible PR for Montclair in general. What is growing inside there?
  • Pothole Archived
    6499 Chabot Road Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Rockridge
    The entirety of Chabot Road to Golden Gate needs to be redone. There are so many potholes. This is the only route to Montclair for cyclists and the road is terrible. I bike it weekly with 3 children, including a baby, because it is the only route to where we need to go and I worry about flat tires as well as all the effect of the shaking from the uneven road beneath us. This road needs to be repaired.