Alexander Place

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Alexander Place

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  • 4621 Somerdale Lane Charlotte, NC 28205, USA - Windsor Park

    After realizing the mail carrier dropped a can of dog repellant spray in our front yard, I tried contacting the post office numerous times to file a complaint.
    I was hung up on multiple times when I mentioned I have a 2 year old son who was outside with us when we found it.
    I am now waiting on a response from the postmater general.

    The first thing it says on the label is to keep out of reach of children!

  • 5274-5314 Great Wagon Rd Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Windsor Park
    For almost thirty years this intersection has had no light at night. It's on the crest of a hill just past two curves. Can it be lighted? =
  • 4030 Colebrook Rd Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Oak Forest
    There is a leak form the water line or something on Colebrook Road and it has been reported back on December 5 2010 and the operators at 311 say there is a order for it to be repaired but no time has been set. I think there has been enough time for this to be fixed. As you know there have been many leaks in Charlotte lately and they have been repaired very quickly. Granted this leak is not as serious as they have been but still it needs to be fixed.
  • 4439 Tipperary Pl Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Shannon Park
    The stop light timing for cars turning onto Milton Rd off of Tipperary Pl has recently gotten long. Many cars now turn right onto Milton Rd then U-turn rather than wait for the light to turn green so they can turn left on Milton. I haven't timed it but I would say it's close to 4 minutes from the time a car gets to the stop line and the light turns green.
  • 3431 Donovan Place Charlotte, North Carolina - Shannon Park
    Street Light comes on. but refuse inside of globe prevent light
    from shining on street.