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  • 3301-3399 14th Avenue Oakland California - Tuxedo
    There is a growing homeless encampment on 14th Ave, between MacArthur Blvd and E. 33rd St. Under the 580 overpass. It started with 1 tent in December, now there are around 5-6 tents blocking the sidewalk on one side. The other side of the street has a tent blocking the sidewalk. This is in the middle of a residential area. Edna Brewer middle school is a few blocks away and it's next to a bus stop. They are using a baby playpen as a garbage can with garbage and filth everywhere. This is a major health hazard. Today (2/6/18) I saw a woman sleeping on the sidewalk in the middle of a pile of garbage. A week before I saw human feces on the sidewalk. They have no respect for the area. On some nights I can hear loud yelling or loud music. Please remove the encampment ASAP.
  • 2631 Wallace Street Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    Someone defecated on the street and used a blue sock to wipe. This is hazardous waste, please pick up. I decided to spare you from the photo I took. It is along the fence, on the street in front of the overgrown lot.
  • 2592-2600 Wallace Street Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    This showed up in a matter of hours. With the amount of garbage here it must have come from someone on this street. Too bad Public Works doesn't knock on doors.
  • 2201 E. 33rd Street Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    75% of the window are broken out and boarded up at this house and have been for the past year. There are people living in there and I have reported it multiple time to Code Enforcement, but Inspector Pham keeps sending the notices to the tenants instead of the owner. All the notices he has sent were about "weeds" in the yard not the broken out windows. Broken out windows make this rental dangerous to live in as per the Calfiornia Civil Code 1941.1 (a )(1) and the California Health and Safety Code 17920.3 and the city's Housing Code, Article X, 15.08.340 (2). City Attorney Parker was notified and still the slumlord empire is florishing in Oakland. What wrong with this picture? Corruption, maybe?
  • 2633 Wallace Street Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    The fence in front of the vacant lots on Wallace Street is cut/torn open. This is allowing for a lot of dumping on the lots. Please pick up the busted couch (been there for almost 1 month now--still waiting!) and other dumped crap AND repair the fence! As long as the fence is open like that more large items will be pushed through the fence.
  • 2228 E 30th St Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    SUV on jack stands without wheels been sitting here on East 30th at 23rd Avenue for almost one week. Have asked neighbors if they know who it belongs to, no one knows. Pleas have this vehicle investigated and removed. Thank you
  • 2631 Wallace Street Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    constantly catching people having sex in cars here. call opd, nothing is done. putting it on here so others know. there are kids playing on this street and its unacceptable.
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    2615 Walkace St Oakland Ca - Tuxedo
    The property is blight. They're selling drugs out of the apartment on the left. I see it everyday I ride my bike by. They fix cars in the back.
  • 2701 19th Avenue Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    On the street on 19th Ave along the fence there is tons of garbage. It looks disgusting. We pick up as much as we can but the city needs to do something.
  • 2631-2633 Wallace Street Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    People continue to dump over the fence into the vacant lots. The lots are overgrown and littered with garbage which attracts more dumping. Please help clean it up
  • 2701-2709 19th Avenue Oakland, California - Tuxedo
    2 large couches dumped a few days ago. Someone started pulling the stuffing out of the pillows for some reason and now it is an even larger mess. Taking up 2 parking spaces on 19th Ave.
  • 2573 Wallace Street Oakland, CA - Tuxedo
    This has been reported several times and nothing has been done. The garbage area at this property is continuously out of control. This image was taken a few hours after garbage collection. It draws rodents and insects to the area, and is a public health hazard. If the tenants are unable to keep the garbage contained, the owner should be fined and should be instructed to build a containment fence around the garbage cans.