Kensington South Neighborhood Advisory Council

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Watching issues created after: 2009-11-20

South Kensington

Notified About

  • 1238 N. Palethorp Street Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    There is an abandoned house at this location & the back yard has become a dumping ground for all sorts including: bikes, bricks, cartons, & general trash items.
  • Abandoned House Acknowledged
    1238 N. Palethorp St Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    This house has been abandoned for such a long time. The back yard is infested with rodents and mosquitoes. The yard is also filled with trash that is about 3 feet high. The back wall is leaning & encroaching on other properties.
  • 148 W Master St Philadelphia, PA 19122 - Fishtown
    This is a mainenance/dispatching facility for ambulances. As they wait to leave, ambulances sit parked on the street or in the facility's driveway idling. the noise and exhaust pollutes the surrounding residential neighborhood.
  • 1716-1798 N Randolph St Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA - Kensington

    This vacant lot seems abandoned. There are a pile of 25 - 30 tires strewn about the sidewalk. Residents of N. Reese St. dump their garbage bags here (I, myself, have seen this done 3 times). Other items such as carpet ripped from a dwelling, half a water heater and other items are dumped here.

    Not only dirty but dangerous.

  • 1400 Block Of N Howard Street Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    Reported from my mobile device
  • dog off leash Archived
    1236 Palethorp Street Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    The dog at this house is let outside to urinate & defecate on a daily basis. The owners have been notified of the issue & disregard their neighbor's problem with this. Please help.
  • 128 W Master St Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    Private Developer Using vacant land/warehouse as a dump site for asbestos and other debris from other construction projects
  • 1341 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    Vacant lot full of waste.
  • 182-190 W Berks St Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA - Kensington
    Used car lot routinely puts there cars on the street - fronts facing out - every day. This blocks the bike lane - forcing cyclists into traffic.
  • 176 W. Master St Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    This is a vacant lot in the middle of the block. It is overgrown with giant weeds and is a hiding place for rodents and possum. Trash is also dumped near the sidewalk which attracts more vermin.
  • 1730-1816 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA - Kensington

    Two empty lots both ripe for crime. It's on a single block. It's the 1800 block. There is no address for these lots I can find.
    These lots are on Germantown Ave. between W. Montgomery Ave and Berks St.

    A great deal of illegal dumping, sometimes drug addicts set up camp in these lots too. Weeds are taller 5ft tall. I've had to run from dogs in one of these lots twice.

    Considering Sabina Rose O'Donnell was dragged into such a lot and murdered mere blocks away at the beginning of last summer this needs to be remedied. It's scary walking by these lots even during the day on the way to the grocery store.
    Fine the absent owner. Clean it up.

  • Pothole Archived
    1409 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19122 - Fishtown
    Huge pothole that was not properly filled in after street work.