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  • Traffic Light Acknowledged
    9 Chatsworth Ave Larchmont, NY 10538 - Larchmont
    Can someone explain why there are no leading left turn signals at Post and Chatsworth and Post and Larchmont? There always seem to be a problem driving through those two intersections because cars from both ways want to turn left.
  • 1 Rockhill Terrace Larchmont, NY 10538, USA - Larchmont
    here is another example where it is difficult to walk on the sidewalk because of bushes that overgrow the sidewalk both on the Larchmont Ave and on the Rockhill sides of this house...
    these are thick evergreen bushes which are growing progressively over the sidewalk.
    this homeowner should cut them back so we can use the sidewalk.
  • 26 Willow Ave Larchmont, NY 10538 - Larchmont
    Larchmont Temple has no handicap door opener at the end of the entry ramp on Willow Avenue.
  • Post Road Near Thompson Pl. - Larchmont
    There are a lot of these all over Larchmont, manhole covers that haven't been raised with each resurfacing. They are a menace and make driving our streets very uncomfortable.
  • Overgrown Hedge Acknowledged
    46 Vanderburg Ave Larchmont, NY 10538 - Larchmont
    Bushes overgrown on Larchmont Avenue sidewalk. Resident needs to trim back bushes.
  • 218 Larchmont Ave. Larchmont, NY 10538 - Larchmont
    This house on the corner of Larchmont Ave and Rockhill has bushes along both street fronts that significantly overhang the sidewalk, forcing everyone to walk in the street including kids going to school, people pushing strollers, etc. This is a dangerous situation especially given how fast people drive through the Village area
  • Business Area Larchmont, NY - Larchmont
    To The Larchmont DPW, Joe, Could you please have all the Christmas lights working in the business section before Christmas, a lot of them look like half the bulbs are missing.
    As always, Thanks for your help.
  • 17 Center Ave Larchmont, NY 10538 - Larchmont
    Bushes in front of this house overhang most of the sidewalk.
    This has been the case for years, in violation of Larchmont Village regulations. Need to be CUT!
    They need to be cut back
  • 184 Larchmont Ave. Larchmont, NY 10538, USA - Larchmont

    The house at 184 Larchmont Ave has overhanging bushes that have been getting worse over the years. Many many children walk down Larchmont Ave here on their way to school and they CANNOT stay on the sidewalk here.

    Why isn't this cut back? This is dangerous! All it takes is one careless driver and a child could get injured or worse! This homeowner should be held liable if this occurs.

    Photo of this problem taken 5/15/10