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  • 1599 North Portal Dr Nw Washington, DC 20012, USA/8200 16th Street, NW, DC, - Silver Spring
    The North Portal to the District of Columbia, the crossroads between DC, Downtown Silver Spring, MD, and Rock Creek Park is a dangerous place to drive, walk, to cross the street, and ride a bicycle. Poor sight lines, bad landscaping, inaccessible sidewalks (when there are sidewalks), poor traffic controls, confusing and distracting municipal and commercial signage, jurisdictional conflicts between law enforcement/EMS.
  • Great Seneca Highway Germantown, MD - Germantown
    I gave up on this issue after writing a letter to the Gazette that was published, and to my state senator.
    Basically, the lanes were still grooved, and looked as if they still needed some major prep before blacktop was put over the grooves, and the project was deemed "finished." At first I kept thinking it was an unfinished project. If they were supposed to come bac to finish it, they forgot. A couple of years ago. I challenge you to drive on Great Seneca Hwy and show me another road like it anywhere. Only road I've ever driven on like it.
  • 7901-7979 Sligo Creek Pkwy Takoma Park, MD 20912, USA, Takoma Park, MD - Takoma Park
    The street lights on Carroll Avenue as it crosses Sligo Creek are on during daylight hours. This wastes electricity and taxpayer money. It exacerbates global warming in a community that cares about the environment.
  • Gang Graffiti Archived
    13011 Connecticut Avenue Silver Spring, MD - Greater Glenmont
    On the Matthew Henson trail, along the east side of Connecticut Avenue, before you enter the underpass under Connecticut Avenue, there is a large concrete abutment that is COVERED in gang graffiti. Both on the surface, and along the side facing the creek. This used to be repainted to remove it, but it hasn't been painting in 2 years and it only encouraging more gang graffiti "tagging." it needs to be painted and repainted as long as the gangs keep tagging it.
  • 1250-1298 Dennis Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20901, USA - Kemp Mill
    The sign indicating the pedestrian crossing at Sligo Creek Trail and Dennis Ave (eastbound) is PAST the trail / crossing since the trail was re-aligned a few months ago. I've witnessed numerous close calls because vehicles think the crossing is past the sign. Moving the sign 25 meters west on Dennis would alleviate the issue.
  • Clopper And Great Seneca germantown, MD - Germantown
    The corner of Great Seneca and Clopper has become an unapproved area used to promote businesses with small banners placed in the grass. It has become unsightly and should not be allowed. Its makes the area look trashy. At times there are over 30 small billboard in the grass advertising fitness facilities or furniture stores.
  • Rock Creek Trail Rockville, MD - Aspen Hill
    Section of boardwalk connecting Russet Rd to Rock Creek Trail was destroyed by tree during storm and is now impassable
  • 925 Sligo Creek Pkwy takoma park, md - Takoma Park
    The second pedestrian crossing to the Sligo creek trail in from nh ave, as well as the crossing from heather ave to the sligo creek trail needs a 'pedestrian crossing/state law to yield to pedestrians' sign. The crossing is frequently used by children to access the park, and cars often are speeding around those turns, making it dangerous to cross.
  • Great Seneca Hwy Montgomery Co, MD - Gaithersburg
    Most of the street lights are out on Great Seneca Hwy, and it make riding my bicycle to work difficult, ther are way to many animals that you dont see until you are right up on them.
  • 10620 Connecticut Ave Kensington, MD - Kensington
    Cars regularly line up to make either a left or U turn going south on Connecticut Ave at Plyers Mill Road. Cars also approach Connecticut Ave from the east on Plyers Mill, attempting to turn right onto Connecticut Ave. These 2 traffic streams conflict and pedestrians can also be crossing at that intersection. It is very dangerous. U turns should not be allowed at this light and signage should direct traffic from Southbound Connecticut Ave to turn left in front of Kaiser on either Perry or Denfeld.
  • Path Off Beach Drive Just South Of Beltway North Chevy Chase, Maryland - North Chevy Chase
    Power and phone lines down along walking path just south of intersection of Linden Ln and Beach Drive (which is where Beach goes under Beltway). Rock Creek Hills section of Kensington without power or phones as a result.
  • Great Seneca At Muddy Branch gaithersburg, md - Gaithersburg
    After paving work they killed the walk signal to cross Great Seneca, the button works but the walk signal doesn't.