City of Long Beach

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  • 135 And 136 Harding Avenue Long Beach, NY 11561 - Long Beach
    Potholes are only "hot patched" in, but the roadbed needs repair, especially in front of 135 and 136 Harding Avenue. Since this is a one-way street (coming off East Broadway), trucks tend to use our street to get to East Park Avenue, even though a sign says "no though traffic". The gravel comes loose over time and starts to scatter over the street and sidewalk.
  • 80 West Broadway Long Beach, NY - Long Beach
    W. Broadway and National Blvd. are clearly marked No Parking and yet unattended commercial and private vehicles are usually parked right along the curb in front of the Allegria Hotel. These vehicles clog the already narrow Broadway which is bordered on the North by public head-in parking,causing a dangerous situation as vehicles park and pull away from the curb and back out of public parking spaces. Part of National Blvd (a PUBLIC street) is blocked off and used by Allegria for their valet parking.
  • 253 E Market Street Long Beach, New York - Long Beach
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 301-315 Roosevelt Blvd Long Beach, NY 11561, USA - Long Beach
  • pothole Open
    Southeast Corner Of East Park & Pacific Blvd Long Beach, Nassau, NY - Long Beach
    pothole large enough to eat your tire! I made a mistake-this pothold is located on the southeast corner of Roosevelt & East Park Ave. Also, Chas. Theofan is no longer City Manager of LB. Please correct your sources. Thank you!
  • 129 Pacific Blvd. long beach, ny - Long Beach
  • 153 Franklin Boulevard Long Beach, New York - Long Beach
    Please fill large patches of potholes on Franklin Blvd. heading south to ocean from E. Park Ave. between Olive & Broadway
  • 230 W Broadway Long Beach, NY - Long Beach
    2 large potholes on 200 block of eastbound W Broadway btw Meridien and Breakers
  • Park Avenue Long Beach NY 11561, USA - Long Beach
  • 721 W Walnut Street Long Beach, NY - Long Beach
    Light flickers on & off all night
  • Huge Pothole Se Corner Of Lindell Blvd And Walnut St Long Beach Nassau, NY - Long Beach
    In front of the old Synagogue
  • 480 East Olive St Long Beach, NY - Long Beach
    On Franklin Blvd and Olive Street Between 500 and 400 East Blocks