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this happens in many areas that are near bus stops all the time. It is a problem for residemts who need street parking all the time.

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  • 27 Cook Ave Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    Why is there a DPW worker using a city owned piece of equipment to plow a private residence? Will they be doing this for every driveway in Chelsea because I would love to have my driveway plowed by the city free of charge. How about they work on the sidewalks or crosswalks which are still buried. My house is on kimball and it overlooks cook ave so I could see them very easily
  • Chestnut Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea

    Something needs to be done about these liquor stores selling to intoxicated people we see in our streets. The city officials must stop the political approach(aka blind eye)and address the issue. I live on Chestnut street and see Fernandez liquor store selling to the same group of individuals every day. None of their employees live in our community to understand the burden they put on us, our kids cannot even play outside anymore. Is this the price we pay for not having the means to live in a better city? With zero enforcement from city officials they continue to sell.

    The issue in Chelsea Square still very active, having TWO liquor stores(fernandez and chelsea mart) selling to them all day long. Please lets move on from the small talk and actually act. We want to see changes. I will start to take pictures and post here since no one seem to be able to see anything. Please, really help us.

  • 220 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    The park in front of 220 Broadway is a mess. The trash, liquor bottles and scratch cards are awful in the park. Is there a way to clean it and get a trash barrel in that area?
  • Williams And Pearl Streets Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Please arrange to have the yellow traffic lines repainted so that trucks going straight from Broadway on Williams will know where to drive to enable right turn only lane to be clear and available for cars heading across the McArdle Bridge. Helps tremendously with easing traffic on Williams. This is a dangerously heavy traffic street.
  • 11 School Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    the noise from overhead planes is ridiculous when is someone going to do something? from 5am to 1am everyday every 2 minutes. when can anyone have a conversation nor even sleep more than 4 hours. what is impact on children and fuel pollution . you can taste it. everyone needs to complain loudly together. ridiculous. Chelsea is dumping ground.
  • Scooter gang Archived
    158 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Bunch of scooters speeding all over the city gathering behind the court house and lower Broadway. Some of them carrying small children with no required proper gear. Just by looking you can tell they do not a license to be on those scooters. It is the law. If I am a citizen and can see this why the police is not doing anything about it?? Please help us keep our streets safe, they go on sidewalk too, especially on lower Broadway.
  • 190 Washington Ave #2 CHELSEA, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Illegal subletting in a unit wit multiple code violations - 2nd egress is behind a bolted door used as a room for rent - also there is NO fire escape from the 3rd floor where 4 people are living. The fire alarms were unhooked by the tenant. The son of the woman renting the unit is involved in gang and drug activity - the police already know because 2 years ago he shot his girlfriend in the head in this very apartment with an illegal gun. She has rented to heroin dealers (some guy named Sydney about 6 months ago). She was renting her livingroom out to a woman with warrants and an infant. There are 6 people currently there with 1 bathroom. The place has cockroaches and rats are always around the building anytime past 6 or 7pm. Its disgusting and they are a nuisance in our community.
  • Other Archived
    255 Central Ave Chelsea Massachusetts - Chelsea
    street light is out , pole 24 on 255 Central Avenue Chelsea Massachusetts and the tree need to be trimmed because is blocking the visibility .
  • Polonia Park Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    For a few weeks now, the top pieces of the water fountains have been missing. Now, the hose of the water fountain has been broken off. Please fix so people using the park can utilize the fountains on hot days!!
  • Cottage And Highland St Chelsea, MA - Chelsea

    To the date people on Cottage st and highland st are still leaving space savers, when the rule is 48hrs! It's crazy that nobody thinks it's time to just leave it as is If u have family dropping off your kids from u and stuff u can 't have a spot for them because everything is blocked off!!
    Please remove them and let people know it's been time and 100% of people are still using them!

    Thank you!

  • Polonia Playground Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea

    In May I called the DPW to inquire about having the parked updated. The DPW reached out saying there was a grant to perform updates to the park "by July first." Construction started just a few days ago, and the entire park has been closed since.

    When asked how long the project would take, contractors on site say 6 weeks.

    This is quite literally the only greenspace available to our neighborhood for dog-walking, and many families and daycares rely on the playground during and after school hours.

    Contractors (two at most on-site at once, which seems ineffective in itself) have been seen on multiple occasions taking long breaks to "chat." Work starts late and ends early, with many intermissions.

    Is it possible that this park is going to be closed for 6 whole weeks in the middle of summer? Our residents cannot live without it that long.

    And if contractors MUST take their time, can't they cordon off their heavy equipment in one corner or one half of the park so that we may use some of it?

  • 160 Washington Avenue Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Cary Square is in desperate need of a properly signalized intersection, or at least clearer signage. I drive through every day from Cary Ave WB and Washington Ave SB and at least one driver at the intersection does not understand that a) NB traffic on Wash. has right of way over SB traffic making a left or b) that SB traffic turning from Washington to Cary, Forsythe or Gardner has the right of way over traffic entering the square from those three streets.