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Pete Constant
District 1
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  • 5011 Country Lane San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    Been out for 6 months.
  • dumping Archived
    1320 Saratoga Ave San Jose, California - West San Jose
    illegal dumping not cleaned up
  • graffiti Archived
    991 Saratoga Ave San Jose, California - West San Jose
  • graffiti Archived
    1066 Saratoga Ave. San Jose California - West San Jose
  • 1300 Essex Way San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    west side of street first light on the block coming off of Payne Ave.
  • 601-651 S Cypress Ave San Jose, CA 95117, USA - West San Jose
    Red light doesn't turn green until there's opposing vehicle.
  • 1456 Greene Drive - West San Jose
    Needs to take down the christmas tree lights
  • 4944 Castlewood Dr. San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    Street light is out, and it is dangerous for children to play after sun down.
  • 7150 Rainbow Drive San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    Street pole numbers that are out:
    14D310, 14D191, 14D189, 14D190 & 14D187
  • 525 South Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128, USA - West San Jose
    We were parked in the Winchester House parking lot across from the house on Friday July 1st 2010, went on a tour there and while we were touring our silver Dodge Minivan right sliding door window was smashed and several items were stolen, including a JVC HD GYHM100U Pro camcorder, work computer(Dell D600), our kids Nintendo DSi`s and some 20-30 games among credit cards and cash and several other items. This happened in BROAD DAYLIGHT some time after 1220PM when our tour had started. Very disheartening to visit such a nice city and only to learn it is full of creepy lowlife loosers who care nothing about other human beings! (OUR 3 CHILDREN WERE DISTRAUGHT! Way to teach our young kids what society these days is!) Thanks! Amazing that the Century 21 theater employees who were sitting DIRECTLY looking at our vehicle window that was smashed didn`t see or hear anything.....truely amazing.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Albany Dr San Jose, CA 95129, USA - West San Jose
  • 1320 Lexington Drive San Jose, California - West San Jose
    14H-327 Street light still out on Lexington near Payne Ave. Graffiti incidents have been happening in resulting dark area.
    When can I expect this light to be fixed????