San Tan Valley, AZ

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  • STRIPING Archived
    3642-3644 E Bella Vista Rd Queen Creek, AZ 85142, USA - San Tan Valley
    Gantzel needs to be restriped so that it is safer, so that it frees Pinal from liability from certain accidents. With the HS and Banner and the businesses open, there is significant traffic on Gantzel, forced to travel north and south on a road that was striped completely incorrectly.
    What was that stripe designer thinking?
  • W Hunt Hwy Queen Creek, AZ - San Tan Valley
    After passing Wal-Mart on W Hunt Hwy, the right lane ends, so traffic in the right lane cuts off people who are in the left lane who are considerate enough to be in the left lane, knowing the right lane ends. I have almost been hit/sideswiped 3 times in this area from people forcing their way into the left lane. The road either needs to be widened to 2 lanes all the way to Bella Vista/Golf Club or law enforcement needs to cite these people.
  • 2756-2774 W Hunt Hwy San Tan Valley, AZ - San Tan Valley
    The wastewater plant here is not being run properly. My profession is water and wastewater treatment and I can tell you that every single day I drive past this the smells coming out of this area is so WRONG. I'm surprised the County hasn't gotten involved with what is happening here yet.
    Drive past.. and I dare you not to throw up in your mouth.
  • Johnson Ranch Blvd North Pinal, AZ - San Tan Valley
    Am wondering why Johnson Ranch Blvd has no center line markings (or turn lanes marked). People are using the Blvd as a speedway and center lines would really help those of us trying to obey the speed limit and survive!
  • N Gary Rd North Pinal, AZ - San Tan Valley
    There is a dramatic increase in traffic running North and South on Gary at this intersection, and only one lane in each direction to handle it. Many drivers that need to turn Right create their own second lane and pull forward next to the forward flow of traffic, sometimes even onto the curb. This proposes a danger to those that need to left, as they may not see the other driver sneaking up in oncoming traffic. Trust me...go to this intersection during rush'll understand how dangerous this could be.
  • W.Golf Club Dr Queen Creek, AZ - San Tan Valley

    12/11/2012- Only a matter of time before someone is badly hurt. Should be a 4 way stop

    Need 4 way stop. Multiple accidents at this location. Need to have head on swivel in trying to be sure no traffic will be in the intersection. People pour off of Hunt Hwy and turn left onto Johnson Ranch in excess of 40+ miles per hour.

  • twisted light Archived
    Skyline Dr And Gary Rd San tan valley, pinal, AZ - San Tan Valley
    The left turn light on Skyline Dr is twisted and now faces Gary Rd,making a left turn impossible
  • 4446 W Crescent Rd San Tan Valley, Arizona - San Tan Valley
    light bulb has burnt out & needs replacement
  • 4446 W Crescent Rd San Tan Valley, Arizona - San Tan Valley
    lamp post bulb burnt out on w crescent rd in san tan heights
  • 35735 N. Zachary Rd. San Tan Valley, Arizona - San Tan Valley
    A grey Dodge Ram pickup has been left in front of the residence for several months. It appears to be inoperable.
  • 35735 N. Zachary Rd. San Tan Valley, Arizona - San Tan Valley
    A grey Dodge Ram pickup truck has been abandoned in front of residence. It appears to be inoperable.
  • Johnson Ranch Blvd San Tan Valley, AZ 85143, USA - San Tan Valley
    Vehicle ran over empty battery cabinet of power supply. Damage to cabinet. No damage to powering electronics or batteries. Damage caused power company to disconnect commercial power, and batteries went dead causing an outage.