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  • Carvin Ave tranbarger st, otterbein ave, Addis st, Edmore ave, Electra ave, Rowland Heights, CA - Rowland Heights

    Please help to maintain and improve the general appearance, safety, and property values ​​by enforcing our City Code.

    Rowland Heights or LA County needs to do a sweep of this area to address these issues...

    The following is general information about what is happening /issues in this area:

    Parking of vehicles:
    Inoperative vehicles stored on residential property/ drive way

    Property& Landscaping not maintained;
    Overgrown weeds, trash, or debris in yard areas
    Building materials, furniture, toys,appliances, or junk stored in the front, side, or rear yards where visible from the street or alley.

    Trash cans visible from the street.

    Garages not accessible for parking

    House exterior not maintained:
    Rundown buildings with peeling paint, broken windows ,
    Walls or fences that are deteriorated, need paint, or have broken parts

    Fences and walls in front yard does not attractive look to the neighborhood.

    Please do Street Sweeping / cleaning with Parking Control/Citations ( install no parking sign)

    Please plant more tree in the neighborhood

  • 18436 Dragonera Dr Rowland Heights, CA - Rowland Heights
    There's a huge tree right above our backyard located on Pathroad Rd that creates a lot of problem for us. The leaves and braches from the tree falls into our backyard and our pool daily and it takes a lot of unneccessary time and energy cleaning after it. We also worry that the tree will eventually fall towards our house/backyard caused by bad weather of some sort. It will be great if the city can find someone to take care of this issue as soon as possible.
  • 18615 Marcola Drive Rowland Heights, CA - Rowland Heights
    three bedroom home subdivided for over 12 individuals, garage in the process of being converted into a living space. yard is unkept with furniture in the front and back yard.
  • Traffic Archived
    Fullerton Rd. Rowland Heights, CA - Rowland Heights
    Traffic on Fullerton Rd. between 60 fwy & Colima Ave. needs to be addressed ASAP. It is not safe, very noisy, & way too congested!!
  • 19261 Colima Rd. Rowland Heights CA 91748, Rowland Heights, California - Rowland Heights

    Medical Marijuana dispensary

    there is a strong odor of marijuana in the air around this building, there are a lot of unscrupulous looking people going in and out. there are now deals going on in the parking lot. They are very close to schools and i dont think they are legal. I wish they would close down, like all the other ones in the area. Go to LA if you want to do that type of business.

  • graffiti Archived
    18202 Desidia St Rowland Heights, California - Rowland Heights
    Again we have GRAFFITI between val carols and desidia st
  • 2459 Hillman Ln Rowland Heights, CA - Rowland Heights
    they are running a machine shop business in the garage
  • 18266-18298 Camino Bello Rowland Heights, CA 91748, USA - Rowland Heights
    Tree has taking over street light and speed sign blocks light at night from the street cars can't see someone cross the street at night when they come around the corner tree is across the street from 18236 camino bello, Rowland Heights,91748 I have ask the association to cut many times in the past maybe your office can call and ask them to cut before someone gets hit crossing at night there number is (909)860-8100 this is the second time I have ask you to do something about this. thank you.
  • 18626 Marimba St Rowland Heights, CA 91748, USA - Rowland Heights
    There's 2 street lights in our street that is not working, it's always dark.Kindly check it out please..Thank you..
  • 2330 Donosa Dr. Rowland Heights, CA - Rowland Heights
    We believe there may be a code violating boarding house next door at 2330 Donosa Dr. in Rowland Heights. A couple of months ago I spoke with two gentlemen who were staying there temporarily and did not know who the owners or renters were of the property. Since then there have been many different cars and people in and out of the location with no apparent permanent resident.
  • 1801-1823 Fullerton Rd Rowland Heights, CA 91748, USA - Rowland Heights
    There are trash and leaves on sidewalk starting from 18242 camino bello Rowland heights 91748 going south and water bugs at night come out of the leaves and come up the wall and tree on side walk was also knock down by car need to be replace
  • monster tower Archived
    Pathfinder Rowland Heights, CA - Rowland Heights

    Have you seen the new monster towers at our park and on the hills south of pathfinder? I understand CPUC has halted construction of these monster towers in the City of Chino Hills and are considering undergrounding the transmission lines instead. If these lines can be undergrounded, then why are we not asking the same for Rowland Heights? These towers has completely destroyed the view shed of our hills and destroyed our values of many of properties along the hills in return.

    When was the EIR completed for this project? Was the height and size of tower clearly along with its impacts on the view of surrounding neighborhoods clearly described in the EIR? Was the view impact designated as significant and mitigation offered? Were the towers at the parks specifically mentioned? What are the impacts and mitigations identified regarding the towers in the Park?

    SCE mislead us as they mislead the folks in City of Chino Hills on the impacts of this project. The City, with its congressman, was able to stop the construction and discuss alternatives. Don’t we have the same congressman representing us as the City? Can the congressman help us as he had help the City?