9th Police District, Bike Incidents

Open Issues: 11 Closed Issues: 31 Acknowledged Issues: 5
Watching issues created after: 2009-12-03

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

Notified About

  • 1924 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center West

    For weeks, this vehicle has been parked for many hours per day at the same spot. It is there at 9am, it is there at 5pm, and all throughout the day.

    I bet if someone parks in the courtyard of city hall, they would not get a ticket for months! As the violation is so outrageous, everyone would just assume they are "special" and are permitted to be there. This Infinity seems to be exploiting this loophole, and PPD/PPA is none the wiser.

  • 25th And Kelly Drive Philadelphia, PA - Strawberry Mansion
    The traffic light at 25th St and Kelly Drive has become extremely dangerous with the addition of the new parking lot behind the Art Museum. There needs to be a left hand turn signal added for people turning off 25th street onto Kelly Drive to go in front of the Art Museum. With the increased traffic coming from the opposite direction the great number of cars leaving the Fairmount Neighborhood every day are having daily issues with this intersection. Every time I am at the intersection I almost witness an accident. Please resolve the existing traffic pattern. It needs to be much safer for neighborhood and tourist to the Art Museum alike.
  • N. 15th Street And John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square

    Cars traveling South on 15th street crossing JFK have a lane shift slightly to the East. However, this lane shift is unmarked. Most vehicles are unaware of this shift and vehicles in the second lane from the right continue straight, cutting off vehicles in the right lane that need to shift to the left.

    This lane shift should be clearly marked via white dotted lines crossing JFK on 15th street.

    I have witnessed numerous side-swipe accidents as well as many, many near hits, as people swerve to get out of the way.

  • 640 Waterworks Dr Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Strawberry Mansion

    Harassment and assault by mob of teenagers

    I was riding my bike on the Schuykill river trail around 3-3:30PM on 9/17/2012. A group of 15-20 teenagers on bikes where riding the opposite direction.

    One of them turned into my side of the path to cut me off just as we were about to pass each other, and slammed on his brake to block me with his hind wheel, causing me to fall.

    As they passed me (I'm off my bike by this point, with a cut on my left leg), they yelled some racial slurs

  • 22nd And Pine St. - Rittenhouse Square
    Starting around 23rd and Pine until about 15th and Pine, cars are using the bike lanes as parking.
  • 1800-1868 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Logan Square
    The bike lane in front of the 4 Seasons is chronically blocked. Why don't the buses and limos .get ticketed?
  • S 15th St Philadelphia, PA - City Center West
    At 2am on Wednesday morning, I was awoken to the sound of crashing outside. There was a group of people (kids, college students?) turning over the recycling containers that were put out Tuesday night for Wednesday trash pick-up. The containers were in the lane closest to the sidewalk and trash/recycling was blown across the street. It was methodical. Everyone with an easily tip-able bin was hit. Since the trash was mostly in bags on the sidewalk, they did not seem to be disturbed.
  • 1622 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Rittenhouse Square
    Every Sunday the bike lane on Spruce from about 15th to 20th is blocked by church goers who ignore the know parking signs with impunity.
  • 2368 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Logan Square
  • Schuylkill River Trail - Philadelphia To Valley Forge Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Strawberry Mansion
    There is debris from a car accident and broken glass on the Kelly Drive bike path near the Lemon Hill intersection (just before the boat houses)
  • 200-212 S 15th St Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA - City Center West
    I was biking down 15th St and witnessed harassment and rage against a fellow cyclist. The cyclist was biking down the road about 2 feet from the curb when a white pickup truck, PA license plate YTT5324, sped up very close behind him and honked. They then sped around him, but instead of simply passing him, violently swerved and intentionally cut him off, causing him to crash into the curb and fall from his bike. He sustained no visible injuries and didn't say he was hurt, but was shaken up. He remounted his bike and left okay. The truck had a sign on the side of it, and work equipment in the back, so seemed to be a professional work vehicle.
  • 1516 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA - Rittenhouse Square
    I was doored by a beige Nissan Maxima PA plates. I have her name and number and a photo of her car and am going to get an estimate at the bike shop tomorrow morning.