Arlington County Environmental Services

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Arlington County Dept. of Environmental Services.

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  • Military Rd. Lee Hwy., & Old Dominion, Arlington, VA - Old Diminion
    Each morning before dawn, weekdays & weekends, the attendants at the Exxon & Liberty gas stations get out their leaf blowers. They use them for as much as an hour at a time, violating county noise ordinances for that time of day and blowing trash into our neighborhood streets.
  • S Washington Blvd & U.S. 50 Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Arlington
    Drivers coming off of Route 50 merging onto Washington Blvd going south routinely ignore, at high speeds, the two very large yield signs alerting them that traffic is also trying to merge OFF of Washington Blvd to get onto S. Courthouse Rd. There needs to be oversized STOP signs for the drivers coming off of Route 50 before there's a serious accident. Greater enforcement of the required yield from Arlington police could send a clear message as well.
  • 2038-2048 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Colonial Village
    The ever present panhandlers loitering the Courthouse Metro stop have become increasingly more aggressive lately. They seem to be younger too. Today I watched a man pursue an elderly woman in a deliberately threatening manner while panhandling. Clearly she was victimized for her demographic, as another person engaged in a similar manner may have been justified to react physically. This needs to be cleaned up ASAP.
  • 951-999 15th St S Arlington, VA 22202, USA - Aurora Highlands
    There are no crosswalk markings for the service road to Pentagon Row. The intersection needs to be improved for pedestrian safety.
  • 4150 S Four Mile Run Dr Arlington, VA - Claremont
    The light at the intersection of the DMV entrance and Four Mile Run is mistimed. It runs red when there is no cross traffic and stays long, holding up traffic on the main roads. I live in this area and pass this light several times a day and rarely do I come upon it when it's green. I can understand if there is a great deal of traffic going in and out of the DMV entrance, but this happens even when the DMV is not open and has been getting worse in the last year. Combined with the light at the Barcroft Rec center just 2 blocks down the street makes a very short distance a very long drive.
  • 12th St S Arlington, VA - Douglas Park
    This street is a major cut through but there are no sidewalks for pedestrians. Because of speeding vehicle traffic, it isn't safe for foot traffic. Speed bumps are needed to slow down traffic and sidewalks are needed for the safety of the people walking.
  • Sycamore And Lee Highway Arlington, VA - Arlington-East Falls
    This intersection is a nightmare in the mornings. Cars turning onto Lee Highway from Sycamore regularly fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk
  • S Arlington Ridge Rd Arlington, VA - Long Branch Creek
    The intersection at Arlington Ridge Road and Glebe Road backs up in the morning and the afternoons. I think that you need to add a left turn light for traffic turning left onto Glebe towards 395 in the mornings -- and for traffic turning left onto Glebe towards Route 1 in the evenings. The backups for turning vehicles are bad and sometimes I have to wait through three cycles to be able to turn.
  • King Street (Route 7) Between 395 And Walter Reed Drive Alexandria, Virginia - Alexandria Wrest
    On Route 7, King Street between 395 and Walter Reed Drive the road condition is terrible. Just a little further west on this road one side of the street was repaved recently but the portion of the road that I mentioned is in even worse condition.
  • 28th Street South Arlington, VA - Long Branch Creek
    Arlington Public Works dung up 28th Street South, from about the 3-way stop where 28th Street and South Meade Street intersection to where 26th and 28th Streets intersect at the 4-way stop. The road was under considerable construction for the majority of August and it looks like Arlington County just fix the water main under the street and said screw it and it neglected to repave the road. The road, since August, has been a continuous strip of dips and bumps, a road unfavorable to drive on if your car is anything but a SUV. The meager job forces those driving on the side with all the dips and bumps to drive half in the other lane to save their suspension. This will only lead a car accident for someone not paying attention, and it is only a matter of time before this happens. This road needs to be restored to its original or vastly improved state. I thank god that I don’t own in Arlington County, otherwise I would be at every town hall meeting.
  • All Streets Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    Not just Arlington, but the entire Metro area should post signs for cyclists reminding them that they have the same traffic laws to follow as vehicles. Too many times I've seen near misses because bikers want to ignore the rules of the road.
  • N. Pollard St. And Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    There is high pedestrian traffic at this intersection, but no pedestrian safety measures. A stoplight with pedestrian signals would dramatically improve pedestrian safety at this intersection. At the very least, signs telling cars to stop for pedestrians would help. The intersection is also unsafe for drivers attempting to turn left from Pollard to Wilson, as the Wilson traffic is often speeding and the road curves there, harming visibility.