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  • 2 Vosburgh Rd Mechanicville, NY 12118, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    When going northbound on 146 and turning right into Sheldon hills, you are often tailgated and the car tailgating you often uses the advanced left turn lane as a passing lane to avoid slowing down for the car that must slow down to turn into sheldon hills. Furthermore, when making a left hand turn out of Sheldon hills, it is virtually impossible as cars use the dedicated left turn lane onto Vosburgh. I hope that it doesn't take a death to have a light installed. With the Sheldon Hills, Estates of Halfmoon and future Belmonte Builders home sites, traffic will only increase. Please help!!
  • 246 Woodin Rd Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    This intersection is bad from all sides- People have a hard time turning left from Sitterly onto Woodin because there's no turning lane or signal. People turning onto Sitterly from Woodin have to wait through several lights because traffic backs up at the light to the Crossings. This is very frustrating from all sides, because people turning left onto Sitterly will drive right through the yellow or even red light because only a few cars can turn left at a time (3-7, usually).
  • 1395-1399 New Loudon Rd Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    Going southbound on route 9 at the intersection with Crescent Road the road is three lanes wide. The far right lane that should be a right turn only lane permits drivers to continue straight over the bridge. Every morning, people use the far right line to speed by and avoid the intersection and then have to merge left after cross onto the bridge. There is not a morning that goes by where some driver does this and almost causes an accident. Drivers who stay in the left two lanes are forced to stop quickly when the drivers in the right lane try to merge.
  • 1487 Rte 9 Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    The intersections of Rt 9, 236, and Guideboard Road are in close proximity and form a triangle. There are 2 traffic signals in which ever way you have to go. Rarely do you make it through both signals. The signals should be eliminated (or simplified), and the roads between the 3 intersections should be made into a large round-a-bout (South on Rt 9, North on Rt 236, West on Guideboard).
  • Adirondack Northway Round Lake, NY - Clifton Park

    This stretch of the Northway is a bloodbath!!
    It is an absolute meatgrinder!! People are getting killed here left and right, and it needs to be stopped!
    Just this rnorning, a bus hit a car and overturned, and one person was killed and dozens were injured!



  • Monmouth Way 133 Saratoga, New York - Halfmoon, NY
    Why isn't Verizon (FIOS) allowed to lay lines down so that we (Saratoga County Residents) can have more choice in the Cable/TV/Internet service we want to use? Spectrum (Timewarner) was allowed to lay down lines, and is still allowed to offer services without any competition. Why should this be the case?
  • 1853-1869 Hwy 9 Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Halfmoon, NY
  • Sitterly And Woodin Road clifton park/Saratoga, NY - Halfmoon, NY
    Traffic is horrible due to the traffic lights at the Sitterly/Woodin intersection and at Crossing Blvd. Pulling out of the apartment complex or surrounding neighborhoods is a problem in the evenings and on weekends. Please consider fixing this problem.
  • 10 Cemetery Rd Clifton Park, NY - Halfmoon, NY

    The West side of Cemetery Rd along the cemetery is overgrown and you can not see approaching traffic from the side street. There is a day care drop off here, and over 100 cars use this entrance. It is terribly unsafe for the parents to not be able to see oncoming traffic. I'm not sure if one of those tractors with the side cutters that they use to do I-87 would be enough, or if you need guys with chainsaws as well to cut this back. I think this is Town of Halfmoon DPW that handles this, but maybe it is the owners of the cemetery. If someone who knows who to contact could pass the word along, it would be most appriciated.


  • 102 County Road 99 Waterford, NY 12188, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    The past few mornings the green light from Church Hill onto Rt 9 has been way too short and is causing major back-ups on Church Hill. This morning cars were backed up for 1/2 a mile and I ended up waiting through 3 light changes before were able to turn.
  • 91-95 Crossing Blvd Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    There are 2 lanes East/Southbound, but neither lane has any marking regarding straight or turn only. Then after the right turn entrance to the Crossings Plaza, there is only one lane. There needs to be a right turn only lane marked, and a straight only lane marked.
  • 5-7 Harris Rd Waterford, NY 12188, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    Already have timed signals at Halfmoon Dr. just up the road that stops traffic on Middletown when necessary. The new light at Harris is an added nuisance.