6th Police District

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-05

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  • 54-98 N 12th St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    The abandoned trolly tracks on 12th Street are a terrific hazard for bicyclist. Aware of one serious accident at least. Tracks not only go straight but curve out to the right close to the parking lane at this location.
  • 500 S 12th St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    there was a car accident here months ago taking out the fence at the church and damaging the Big Belly trash cans. Since the trash can has not been replaced there is now more trash overflowing at the trash cans on block up on 12th and Pine. Please replace the trash can
  • 200 Locust Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Society Hill
    Residents of Society Hill Towers dump ALL their trash into garbage chutes on each floor without seperating recycling. When you look at the huge dumpsters downstairs in the garage they are full of bottles, papers, etc that should be recycled under Philadelphia Law. The towers have a very strong PAC that appears to keep them above the law but this must be corrected, it's disgusting, illegal and filling trash landfills.
  • Road Rage Acknowledged
    152-246 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Riverfront
    Yesterday I was run over by a car while I was pedaling in the bike lane. It was an employee of the Hyatt Hotel. She slowly pulled into the bike lane forcing me onto the sidewalk. It was a green minivan PA License HMY1849.
  • 1219 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    I have observed cars starting to turn wrong way. Needs to be addressed to avoid future accidents
  • Road rage Acknowledged
    1234 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    courier blows red light and wants to fight when i almost had a collision with him bicycle riders blow light on a regulary tickets need to be issued. they also ride on the side walk regularly police watch this and do nothing
  • 120 S 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Old City
    There is a long 3" bike-tire-wide, approx 4" deep Rut running for at least 5' on the east lane of 2nd street in front of the parking garage. This has been there I believe since last fall and is extremely dangerous if riding in that lane.
  • 1115-1199 Market Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    A group known as the Black Israelites had a stage with microphones making threats and targeting passerbys with their hateful rants made a ton of noise on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance to Market East station and the convention center. I don't know how often they are there but it shocks me that it's ok for them to create such an outrageous and noisy protest (?). In the span of a few minutes they targeted white people, gays, and the chinese. I know they have a right to do this but I feel that they have overstepped the limits. Such hateful displays of ignorance should be monitored. I saw no police presence - which I have seen monitoring other protests. Their call to arms is disturbing and threats terroristic.
  • Graffiti Archived
    416 S. Hutchinson St. Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    There is graffiti on a green garage across from the houses at 416 S. Hutchinson St.
  • 900 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - City Center East
    A vehicle crashed into a building at this intersection earlier this week and took out a parking sign, motorcycle corrals and a bike rack. The stop light at this corner twisted 90 degrees, so that it now faces the same direction as opposing pedestrian traffic. For pedestrians crossing 9th street westbound, they see both a green and a red light at the same time. For pedestrians crossing Chestnut Street northbound, they see no light on the west side of the intersection.
  • 616-698 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Bella Vista
    Harassment: I was harassed by a sage green Altima with a dented rear bumper (PA license HFX 9246). He lay on his horn first, then rode my rear tire in attempt to force me to the curb.
  • 136 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    The stop sign was hit by a car a week ago and was on the ground. Now it's gone. THE OPPOSING STREET has an ALL WAY stop sign which can lead to a deadly accident. Either remove the "all way" from the opposing sign or put up a temp. stop sign where the missing one was. I have been seeing near accidents daily!