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  • W Commodore Blvd & E Commodore Blvd Jackson, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson

    Bad road conditions at this location. numerous potholes

    ride down the outside white line because t he road is so bad.

  • Brewers Bridge Road Jackson, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson
    After turning off of W County Line and heading down Brewers, right at the curve in the road, there is a mass amount of broken road. Craters are getting deeper. It's @#$% on the tires, even when you take it slowly. FIX THIS!
  • 217 E Veterans Hwy NJ 08527 - Jackson
    traveling west on E. Vets before Wawa there are numerous pot holes and uneven pavement
  • Aldrich Road And Glen Arden Drive And Friendship Road And Brandywine Drive Howell - Jackson
    water and Ice build up at all entrances into Glen Arden development. Sand causes slides and especially dangerous for motorcycles
  • 1070-1126 Bennetts Mills Rd Jackson Township, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson
    The intersection of Bennetts Mills/Aldrich Rd and New Prospect Road needs to be completed. There needs to be a turning signal going both ways on New Prospect Rd. This is an accident prone corner and it is only getting worse!!!!
  • 299 E Veterans Hwy NJ 08527 - Jackson
    crap road
  • Leesville Road Jackson, NJ, 08527 - Jackson
    This road is full of patches. It needs to be re-paved bad. There is not a smooth surface on it.
  • 156 Huntington Dr Jackson, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson
    The Turn of green arrow only from COuntry line road onto Huntington road needs to be removed, and the no turn on red on huntington headed towards North County line road needs to be removed. There is no need for all this traffic control when the roads are nearly empty. Its horrible to sit on a light for 2 minutes when not one car drove past!
  • 515-561 S Cooks Bridge Rd Jackson, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson's located on the right side of South Cooks Bridge immediately after making the turn off of North Hope Chapel Rd. The catch basin has a basketball size hole at its edge and the other side of S. Cooks Bridge features a catch basin with a bicycle wheel eating grate....just before making a right onto N. Hope Chapel. I can see that one making someone either very rich on the town's dime or very dead. Either way there's NO reason for ever using that style of grate on any road anywhere.
  • 705-713 County Road 528 Jackson, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson
    A large depression exists here in east bound lane which can be dangerous at high speeds. Source of loud noise when speeding truckers drive over it.
  • 2 S Hope Chapel Rd Jackson, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson

    ....during inbound and outbound school bus traffic of McAuliffe M.S. students. The traffic comes to a crawling stop and the cars are passing the buses on the right ON THE SHOULDER in both directions!!! The entire area (N. & S. Hope Chapel Rd / East Veterans Hwy intersection) needs to be re-done and soon! It's a CLUSTER!!!
    It's been 2 YEARS with this ongoing cluster___ when McAuliffe is in session....mornings and afternoons.

    It is in the process of being re-done but they are taking their sweet @#$% time with it. Looks like it might be another 2 YEARS until the reconstruct is finally finished. Completely ASININE & DISGRACEFUL!!!!!
    The intersection has finally been reconfigured, repaved and re-lighted but only time will tell if the school time cluster___ is a thing of the past.

  • Large pothole Archived
    1180-1196 County Road 528 Jackson, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson
    Recent construction of cross drain has resulted in a large pothole in the WB lane near the high school entrance.