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street detoriation

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  • Kohary Drive New Haven, CT - Westville
    Kohary drive in westville and surrounding streets have not been plowed at all and no car can travel through them.
  • Potholes Archived
    Cleveland Road New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Street has needed paving for years. Extremely bumpy near intersection of Roger Road and mid-way between Alden and Central.
  • Cleveland Road And Alden Street new haven - Westville
    Last night someone knocked down a stop sign that is located at the corner of Cleveland Road and Alden Street in Westville, New Haven, CT.
  • Kohary Drive New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    The plow trucks are speeding while plowing the streets. This creates a tidal wave of snow that covers over sidewalks that had been previously shoveled by residents. Please address this issue immediately.
  • 104 Woodward Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    There has been a reclining chair and car tire sitting in front of 104 Woodward ave between the the sidewalk and street. These items have been there for a little over two months now.
  • Westville New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    The city of New Haven called to alert that there is an emergency heroin issue on the street but did not specify what kind of issue. Are there needles on the ground? Location? Are people shooting themselves in public? What should we be looking out for?
  • 130 Cleveland Road New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Roots from very tall tree on between sidewalk and street is driving up sidewalk panels to a problematic height, obstructing my driveway and likely to cause trip/fall to pedestrian sooner or later. i understand a tree in that location is city's responsibility.
  • 839-843 Connecticut 243 Woodbridge, CT 06525, USA - Woodbridge

    This is an awkward intersection, where Fountain Street (CT-243) meets Rimmon Rd. (CT-313). Park Lane is a small residential, dead-end road that is directly before the Rimmon Rd fork as you come up Fountain Street. It's a fairly sharp right turn, so you need to take the turn at a relatively slow speed.

    Unfortunately, you are at great risk of being rear-ended when you do this, because most drivers assume your right turn signal means you're turning onto Rimmon Rd, which is a gentle fork without a stop sign or signal, so you can negotiate that turn basically at full speed. I can't tell you how many near accidents I've seen here.

    I think the ideal solution is to build a rotary at this intersection, as it would not only solve this problem, it would improve turns between 243 and 313; another option is a dedicated turn lane on westbound 243 only for those cars turning onto Park Ln. At the very least, some signage warning of the sharp right turn onto Park Ln might help. In any case, the town and/or state should study the intersection and do something to help alleviate this terribly dangerous situation.

  • 1 Porter St New Haven, CT 06519 - New Haven - Ward 03

    The two storm drains at the end of Porter street directly behind University Skilled Nursing Home are clogged with debris and sand, The storm runoff runs thru the nursing home property and floods the parking lot.

    Attached a picture from recent storm on 1-25-10 If you look in front of the parked cars you can see the river of water running across our parking lot. This floods our lot and then cascades over the curb and continues on into the apartment complex next to our facility.

  • Graffiti Archived
    131 West Street New Haven, Connecticut - Hill

    Some parts of this area are not clearly marked for street sweeping. I recently had my car towed, but as you can see in the picture there is no indication that it is a street sweeping area.

    I assume after the fact that this was the street sweeping sign, but it is heavily faded and covered in graffiti.

  • Cleveland Rd New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Lawn and leaf bags were not cleared from our street today. In fact, someone left full bags at our curb. Please clear them.
  • 967 Elm Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    Pole 1712 and non working between Hubinger and Pendleton St.
    VERY dark and lots of people walking dogs, FAST cars down Elm to Edgewood Park - lots of accidents! Thanks.