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  • 180 Edgecombe Avenue New york, NY - Harlem
    Precise Management at 68 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 has no and does not provide the tenants of 180 Edgecombe Ave with heat or hot water. Tenants have and do file complaints with 311 but to no avail the problem continues to persist. We at best have heat if we are lucky for two days out of the week. HPD always seems to show the day we get it so we look like lairs. It frustrating to no end. there are other problems in the building as well concerning water damage, we don't have a live in super so no one cares how long we freeze. Calling management is met with voicemail and or a answering service who typically hangs up the phone on you if you don't answer all there questions, such as you name while you are happy to give apartment number which reveals the tenant of the unit. Here is a article from the Daily News on our building http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/uptown/cold-hell-edgecombe-ave-article-1.1247310 . Since HPD isn't doing anything and DHCR won't give us rent back who can we turn to?
  • 750 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY - South Bronx
    LANDLORD VED PARKASH 212 658 0205
  • 2119 Davidson Ave bronx, ny 10453 - University Heights

    Despite of my written complain, still we DON'T HAVE HEAT OR HOT WATER and my 4 children are freezing along with 400 tenant of this building.. THIS IS NOW FOR THE LAST 5 DAYS AND NIGHTS.


    I have given you already the Landlorn name: Mr. Greenspan and Phone No 212-873-0567, but nothing was happened.


    30 west, 181 street, Bronx, NY 10453

  • 527 W 160th St New York, NY 10032, USA - City Council District 10
    I moved on April last year and hot water is hardly available and when I have it is for a few minutes now that is winter is even worst, I spoke to the board and their solution to all this is that on the side of my apt the whole line has issues w the pipes/boiler now they kindly advise me that I'm more than welcome to knock on their doors and I should be able to take a shower, their apt are in other side of the building where hot water and heat is available 24 hrs. Now after calling 333 I assume they had visit the building check and if they visited the line with heat/hot water complaints are dismiss.
  • 87-75 148th St, Jamaica, NY 11435, USA - Utopia
    Owner Gloria Montalvo (Contact # 347-666-8617) currently living in basement doesn't provide any heat at all in whole building. It's a six family house where old people and children are living.
  • 665 9 Ave New York, NY 10036 - Clinton
    Every winter, especially on the coldest days and when the season commences, we are not sure if we will wake up to heat or hot water. Many days we have had to forfeit a shower and had to use space heaters (causing our electric bill to surge). Since we have no super in our building and management refuses to give us his phone number, we are just at the whim of any given day. The super blames the restaurant below us, accusing them of turning off the switch but somehow they never rectify this situation. The boiler has been "repaired" repeatedly but never seems to work. So far this week we have had no heat or hot water on 2 different days and nights. Since it's the weekend and the management office is closed we are hosed!
  • 30 West 181 Street bronx ny 10453 - University Heights

    we are suffering as we do not have hot water and heat for the last 3 days and night.
    we have 4 small children

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  • Heat Danger Acknowledged
    Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Because it is dangerously hot in the tram on warmer days (in fact, I
    wouldn't be surprised if someone passes out on the tram one day), I have
    suggested to a couple of the operators and to one of the guys in the control
    station that they place some industrial strength fans at the tram station to
    blow air through the tram while it is stationary and people are waiting
    inside. This will help remove some stale air and keep people a little cooler
    before it takes off. They could easily turn it off while the tram is in
    motion and turn it back on when it docks. Just a humble suggestion. Thanks.
  • 510 80th Street Brooklyn, New York - Bay Ridge

    We have had no heat for over a week. It is so cold, especially at night, that we have to run electric heaters, which not only is dangerous, but it runs up our electricity bills. I had to buy my kids cold weather sleeping bags to sleep in at night. Since I refuse to run the electric heaters while no one is home, my pets suffer all day from when I leave for work to when I get home. I feel so bad for my parrot and I pray that she doesn't get sick because avian medicine is so expensive. This happens year after year after year. Just take a search on this website and you will see what I am talking about. Why can't anything be done? How does our landlord keep getting away with this year after year? His restaurant, Mussels & More, on the ground floor of the building is warm and well kept, while we are suffering every day and night. Our landlord goes home to a nice, warm, house every night and we have no other choice but to freeze, pay high electric bills, and be miserable. On top of all that, we pay $2,000 a month for our apartment. Add in the electric bills and we are paying close to $2,500 for our apartment, per month - in Bay Ridge! And we have been in this same apartment for a little over 10 years. And for what? For he can pocket the money instead of turning on the heat??

    I put in a service request with 311 on January 27th (Service Request #: C1-1-1205806742). After a few days, the status was "The Department of Housing Preservation and Development contacted an occupant of the apartment or building and verified that the complaint was resolved.". But it wasn't resolved. In fact, no inspector even came. The slip in the lobby that the inspectors fill out when they come was not even filled in. And so, we have been freezing all this time. I put in another 311 service request today (C1-1-1210592532) - hopefully someone will actually come this time.

    Vincent Gentile, our councilman, is located practically across the street - please sir, if you see this - please come help us.

  • 1472 Beach Ave Bronx, NY 10460, USA - Parkchester
    I might as well just leave this report up. our heat and hot water go out weekly now, hpd is no help. public advocate is no help. the news is no help.
  • 510 80th St Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA - Bay Ridge
    No heat has been provided at all since the weather has started getting cooler. The landlord owns the restaurant, Mussels and More, on the ground floor. He keeps it immaculate. Meanwhile, the tenants inside the upper apartments are left freezing and living in apartments that are drafty, falling apart and leaking every time it rains. No attention is ever given to the comfort of the tenants.
  • 1146 Ogden Ave Bronx, NY 10452, USA - High Bridge

    Not only has 1146 OGDEN, LLC succeeded in turning 1146 Ogden Avenue into a homeless hotel, but they have now gone so far as to shut off the hot water in the entire building for all apartments between the hours of 10:00PM and 6:30AM. HPD is aware of the problem and even issued a violation when I was able to get an inspector to inspect the issue in my apartment recently, but beyond issuing violations, HPD is rather impotent, which is typical of most NYC agencies.

    Since acquiring the property at 1146 Ogden Avenue, 1146 OGDEN, LLC, aka STADIUM HOLDINGS, LLC, aka NEW CITY MANAGEMENT, LLC, has been rather negligent and unwilling to address hazardous and unlawful conditions with the building and within the apartments. The number of open violations against 1146 OGDEN, LLC is horrific! For example, the lock on the front door of the building has been broken for more than two months, yet management is unwilling to do anything about it, due to the fact that so many homeless families now live in the building -- these families are highly unlikely to complain about anything. The overall cleanliness of the building his plummeted noticeably over the last two years.
    It's sinful how landlords like this are allowed to not only make sickening profits by any means available, but also how New York City and New York State agencies are so slow to take punitive action against these type of slumlords!