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  • 4631 Old York Road Philadelphia, PA - Logan-Fern Rock
    There has been a van, full of trash, outside my home for the past week. I am usually able to get a parking space in front of my house, but not since this van has been there. It seems as if it has just been abandoned. I am disabled and have a placard and it is really inconvenient for me to need to park down the street from my home. How do I get this large van, taking up nearly two parking spaces, from in front of my home? This looks like one of the vans that comes to pick up folks who need assistance, but it is much larger. There are no renewal tags on the license plate.
  • 1331 S. 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Hunting Park
    23 people seem to be too many people for one house. Most of the residents are criminals or criminals in training. Three residents have been arrested in the past three months for straw gun purchases. Others have been arrested for shooting others. At times, you will see two or three residents sitting on the front stoop with various bandages, casts, and crutches due to having bullet holes in them. The residents of the house will open the front door to throw the wrapper of whatever they are eating out to the street. They sit around all day and roll blunts and throw the unneeded tobacco on the street.
  • 4111 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA - Tioga-Nicetown
    Weeds from abandon house are pouring over onto the sidewalk. Dead rats lay on the side of the house.
  • N Broad St Philadelphia, PA - Tioga-Nicetown
    Disgusting trash piles at the entrance of Roosevelt Blvd. at Broad Street going south on Broad
  • 1500 Devereaux Ave Philadelphia, PA 19149, usa - Tioga-Nicetown
    tenants first floor of this property had a smashed up car towed and put in rear of property in alleyway drive, no tags, all tires flat, air bags hanging out and it does not lock and kids are using it as a playground. Very dangerous situation
  • 10th And Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19140 - Tioga-Nicetown
    There is a large white "Carpet time" van with that parks nose in to the building line blocking the sidewalk rather than parallel to the street. It blocks pedestrian right of way and butts out just about 4 inches from the flow of traffic on this busy street all day and all night. This situation has been going on for years and should not be allowed to continue.
  • Insane potholes... Acknowledged
    1220-1262 W Wingohocking St Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA - Hunting Park
    Wingohocking Street between Roosevelt Blvd and Broad Street is a minefield of potholes. It's a busy street since it's the exit to get to North Broad Street from the boulevard. I swerve all over the road trying to avoid probably dozens of potholes. That street needs serious repaving.
  • 8700 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, Pa - Tioga-Nicetown

    Sunday May 16th, 2010 1:30pm
    Chestnut Hill Old trolley loop

    Route 77 Bus Number 5629
    wasteful idling

    as was

    Route 94
    Bus Number 5932

    Ambient Temp- 75 degrees. No need to idle to keep bus cool

  • 4220 N. Darien St Philadelphia Pa 19140 - Hunting Park
  • Idling Bus Acknowledged
    4th Street And Wall Street Philadelphia, PA 19140 - Tioga-Nicetown
    Idling bus at 4th and Walnut
  • 723 Seffert St Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Hunting Park
    street needs to be resurfaced along 700 block of Seffert St after construction from 2 years ago.
  • Potholes Archived
    N. 22nd Between Spring Garden And Fairmount Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA - Tioga-Nicetown
    There are numerous potholes on this stretch of N. 22nd between spring garden and fairmount. all are on the left hand side of the road. it is dangerous for drivers and for bikers.