Public Works of City of Machesney Park

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Parents and other concern citizens who live on or near this road.

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  • N Mall Dr Machesney Park, IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    Without snow to cover the potholes, it is impossible to arrive at the neighborhood behind the mall without damaging some part of your vehicle. These roads have needed reparation for over TEN YEARS!
  • 9305 North 2nd Street Machesney Park IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    These mobile homes are not safe most are structural unsound we called health department believe name was vern he did nothing some don't have running water mine never did I would collect rain water in buckets to flush toilet.Tore down old trailers and made into landfill trailors 16-21 pipes broken underground and terrible smell from old septic tanks have seen In trailor 35 /36 had tarps for roof heavy snowfall crushed the walls owners dump motor oil and other garbage into tanks/ road is worst I have seen/reported over a year ago about tarps being used for unsound roof/junk cars/ campers parts litter the place .Jimmy Ward is the most dispicable excuse as a mobile home park owner.We think he gets away with these slumlord conditions because the guy at health department must be his family !!
  • 844 Ramona Terrace Machesney Park, IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    The condition of Ramona Ter has continued to deteriorate into a street that is nearly impassable. The village’s continued use of cold patch only contributes to the problem. The former Mayor and Trustee of this district ignored the requests to have it rebuilt while other roads were repaved based on what appears to have been for political considerations. The former district 6 trustee managed to get his street redone and then moved. I think that it is high time the Mayor, the village engineer, the street manager and the district 6 trustee get into one car and drive up and down Ramona and explain to the residents exactly why proper repairs cannot be done.
  • Roosevelt Rd Harlem, IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    There are several large potholes along the 'old' stretch of Roosevelt Rd. While the community understands this road is to be redone, it would be nice to have ALL of these potholes fixed in the interim.
  • 7300-7498 North 4th Street Machesney Park, IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    N. 4th st. the 7200 and 7300 block are just horrible. Pot hole and very large bumps.Alot of the roads in this are are being redone but this is by far about the worst of it. Every year they patch the holes but that only cause mores bumps in the road.. Drive you car down it and you will understand the issue. Thank you for your time.
  • 17 Gilbert Terrace Harlem, IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    During rain, lack of drainage around this area cause water to collect across the roadway. Water gets to the depth of up to 10" and is a hazard to cars. After enough water collects, it spills into yards and begins to flood yards and homes on the South side of Gilbert Terrace. Drainage to the North side of the road is hindered by a blocked culvert located downstream near 4 Gilbert Terrace. This issue has been brought to the attention of the Machesney Park Public Works and has yet to be resolved. This issue has caused flooding to some homes and the South side of the street on numerous occasions and still nothing has been done.
  • 924 Roosevelt Rd Machesney Park, IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    The address is 924 Roosevelt Road,Machesney Park,Il 61115,USA.They have no trash service and are storing garbage that is not being picked up between the garage and house.rodents are over running property,small children in home,no hot water.rodents can be seen in broad daylight throughout the home as well as possible other code violations.I feel terrible for the children living in this environment.not fit for animals
  • 401-499 Wilshire Blvd Machesney Park, IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    Large tree on house, on corner of Wilshire and Erma. Hole in roof, wild animals in house, dangerous for neighborhood children playing and climbing. Tree is on fence and out to the road.
  • Pot holes Acknowledged
    8200 Ravere St. Machesney Park, IL - Machesney Park
    This road is narrow and covered with pot holes and other rough patches. The village has said it will be reconstructed in 2011.
  • 10541 Tartan Ct Machesney Park, IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    Both roads are absolute ICE..The Village needs to work on salting all the intersections in this area. Or there will be more accidents like I have seen in the past few days.
  • 1200 Block Of Kingsley Drive Machesney Park IL 61115, USA - Machesney Park
    City of Machesney fixed broken pipe?sewer line? not sure - filled hole with gravel and never repaved it - have to drive around it, but it takes up most of the road. FIX IT!
  • 8745 Waterview Road Loves Park, IL - Machesney Park
    I large whole with stone and gravel cover the enterance when turning right off Machesney to Waterview. This is causing damage to cars from the rock debries hit cars as going by and causes kids to wipe out on the bike and scooter when entering the road.