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  • Entrance Ramp On Highway 35 In Neptune City - Neptune City
    the entrance ramp from avon to highway 35 in neptune city, there is a yeild sign and no one slows down or stops, they just jump into oncoming traffic on route 35.
  • W Sylvania Ave And Brighton Ave - Neptune City
    I don't know why a no turn on red sign was posted on W Sylvania Ave at Brighton Ave
    traffic light. It backs up traffic and blocks driveways. It was fine before that sign was put up.
  • repave street Archived
    Locust Ave neptune city, nj - Neptune City
    The entire street has been dug up and poorly patched. It needs to be milled and repaved
  • 18 3rd Avenue Neptune City, New Jersey - Neptune City
    Street light on telephone pole JC. 88. NC. on Third Avenue is malfunctioning. It starts up, stays lit for about 2 minutes and goes off. It goes thru about 2 of these cycles every 5 minutes thru the night.
  • 85 Locust Ave Neptune City, NJ - Neptune City
    Pole number jc 352 nc needs a new bulb
  • 25 & 27 Hawthorne Pl Summit, New Jersey - Neptune City
    There is a parking sign that is laying next to the sidewalk between houses 25 & 27 Hawthorne Pl.
  • 1 Brighton Ave Neptune City, NJ 07753, USA - Neptune City
    Road crew patched a pothole, but left the intersection covered in loose gravel. Not a problem for cars, but deadly to a motorcycle. Please clean up ASAP!
  • 808 Ridge Ave Neptune City, New Jersey - Neptune City
    This house has been in foreclosure for about 3 years. Rodents were a huge issue last year and was taken care of after about 3 months of constant calling the bank. After Hurricane Sandy a tree has fallen on the property and still not removed or fence repaired. Property now has possums, raccoons, cats and other rodents t living on it. Calls to bank go unresolved, calls to code enforcement are no help at all. House is becoming a safety hazard to children who play next door, as well as a breeding ground for mosquitoes in summer.