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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-12

Lower Moyamensing Civic Association's Town Watch (8th to Broad, Snyder to Oregon)

Notified About

  • Juniper Street At Snyder Avenue Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    Trash and litter covers the entire Street on the Juniper St. block between Snyder and McKean. It is impossible not to step on trash while walking on the sidewalks, also there have been multiple dead rats and mice among the trash
  • Se Corner Of 11th & Snyder Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    Trash all over at bus stop. Kids tearing at wooden box filled with soil. Need trash can at this stop!
  • 1400 Block Of S. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    Street lights are out on entire east side of 1400 s. broad street. Buildings are being tagged with graffiti
  • 1224 Snyder Ave Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    Last night, the street light at the intersection of Iseminger and Snyder was not lit.
  • 1001-1099 E Snyder Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA - South Philadelphia
    A slew of double-parked cars outside of Roccos Collison which creates a problem for traffic, including the 79 bus.
  • 2129 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia

    This auto repair place is still consistently using the sidewalk as their personal parking lot, sometimes working on cars out there rather than inside their garage.

    Was previously told by 311 to "call 911" when this happens. Surely someone can see what an idiotic solution that is. This needs parking enforcement, not emergency responders.

  • 1021 Synder Ave - South Philadelphia
    Rocco's Collision chronically uses the bike lane as a temporary parking lot in the mornings between 8:00 and 9:00
  • 2 pot holes Archived
    965 Oregon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148 - South Philadelphia
    2 pot holes in the westbound lane
  • 1 Pot hole Archived
    1167 Oregon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148 - South Philadelphia
    1 pot hole spotted here in the westbound lane. It's been here long enough and getting wider
  • car idling Archived
    2096 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA 19148 - South Philadelphia
    idling at 1:32 PM for 1 minute, picking someone up
  • truck idlling Archived
    2094 S 10th St Philadelphia, PA 19148 - South Philadelphia
    idling at 1:46 for five minutes stopped on side of rode
  • 2600-2634 State Highway 611 Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Girard Estates
    A cab driver, P-675 (liberty cab) tried to force me off the road and while drawing my attention caused me to hit a double parked car at high speed. Police report filed. Complaint with PPA filed.