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  • Rt. 57 & Rt.113 , Elyria, OH 44035 USA - Elyria
    The red lights on Rt. 57 & Rt. 113 are not synchronized. You have to stop at every one, even at Furnace St. Before, if you did a little less then the speed limit, you could make most of the lights. Now its just stop, stop, stop. Not only does this waste gas but adds to air pollution!
  • Ford Road Elyria, OH - Elyria
    The Ford Road Bridge has been out for quite a long time, and is an inconvenience for those who live on the road to go around the long way to get to the other part of town. For those of us who don't live on the road, we just miss getting to have the unique experience of driving on that road. Please repair it or replace it soon!!!
  • 1210 Ford Rd Elyria, OH 44035, USA - Elyria
    This bridge has been closed for two years because of being unstable, yet no one has dedicated money to fixing it
  • 478 Windsor Dr. - Elyria
    The traffic lights on the bypass are absolutly not of any benefit to the motorists that use this road. Backups are occuring daily because of the way the lanes have been changed.
  • 985 W River Rd N Elyria, OH 44035, USA - Elyria
    Any day , anytime you can see at least one or five cars run the red lights in Elyria. The city needs money , well how much is a ticket for running a red light? And how much drugs will be found in the offenders cars? But if the police keep running the lights, why should the citizens stop either?
  • 100 Block Of Lexington Ave Elyria - Elyria
    The 100 Block of Lexington Ave in Elyria could use a lot of help. The street is very rough, uneven, and has several potholes. This little side street tends to be often forgotten for everything from snow removal to repair work.
  • N Abbe Rd Elyria, OH 44035, USA - Elyria
    Water line under the road is complete however the black top patch makes the 2 mile right lane (south bound)is undriveable. Smooth it out and do the job right.
  • 1961-1999 Gulf Rd Elyria, OH 44035, USA - Elyria
    Incoming traffic heading East on Detroit Rd (254) passing through Gulf Rd intersection have an issue of not knowing the 4 lane road is reduced to a 2 way road and as they roll through the intersection they are having to merge with traffic under the light or potentially cause an accident with oncoming traffice sitting in the turning lane. This needs reviewed by a commitee, this is a serious driving concern. I've almost been hit 3 times by oncoming traffice while I wait to turn left onto Gulf Rd.
  • 506 Park Pl Elyria, OH 44035, USA - Elyria
    This is a not-true 4 way stop; it has 4 stops signs, but the intersection is not a true "X". However, above the intersection is a single flashing light. The stopsign when on E. River St is a flashing YELLOW, yet there is a stop sign. This makes no sense. Do I obey the light, which tells me to use caution, or the sign, which says stop?
    I cannot vouch for what the other 3 directions show light wise, as it could be caution from all 4 directions (which means 4 directions of drivers who may not stop for the sign), or the Park Place road may have red... I was too busy saying "what the heck?" to look back in the mirror to see what the light in my mirror was.
    I see a lawsuit against the city if the person who gets in an accident there is smart enough to pass blame to the city, where it in fact rests.
    It should be a four-light flashing RED.
  • 954-958 Gulf Rd Elyria, OH 44035, USA - Elyria
    Traffic backs up on Hilliard Road at rush hour making it impossible to turn left from Hilliard or from Berkeley. It also seems that there is trouble determining right-of-way when turning on to Gulf. We need a traffic light there.
  • Hampton Dr Elyria, OH 44035, USA - Elyria
    This entire street is literally buckling and potholes everywhere. Has been like this for 3 years...needs FIXED!!
  • 4200 Block Of Meadow Lane - Elyria
    Pot holes on the entire street which is also a dead end but still have to get to our homes.