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  • Lenox Avenue And Melrose Street Providence, RI - Elmwood

    UPDATE: This has slowed due to the season and colder weather. Guarantee this will begin anew the first warm day of spring.

    There are countless cars playing loud music at all times of the day and night, but particularly Fri, Sat and Sun nights, from say 6PM-3am and Sat and Sunday afternoons. This street is a cut through to Broad Street and to get to the nightclubs/ highway, so we see a lot of traffic, not all of it loud, but easily 40-50 a day sometimes. This is all over Elwmood, not specific to this one intersection. Most cars at this time also do not stop at the 4 way stop sign.



  • 126 Melrose St Providence, RI 02907, USA - Elmwood
    The intersection at Adelaide and Melrose needs two more stop signs: drivers stop voluntarily on Adelaide. Two ROAD NARROWS signs are installed behind trees on Melrose at this intersection. The speed tables in the neighborhood stress cars and users; then they forgot to lower the speed limit to 15mph! Lots of expensive traffic control devices for poor traffic design.
  • Potters Ave Providence, RI - Elmwood
    All of potters ave needs to be re paved.there are currently HUGE potholes in which you must drive onto other side of ten street to avoid. Just filling these every couple months does not work, as you must know, since that has been the only solution to the problem for numerous years. Please spend the money and re pave the entire street.....and please don't forget huntington ave....just as bad! Thanks
  • 16 Melrose Street Providence, Rhode Island - Elmwood
    Large Pile of Illegally Dumped Mattresses and Other Illegally Dumped Debris. Getting larger by the day. As long as it sits here it tells people that's it's ok to illegally dump! WHERE IS THE DPW?
    Directly across from Locust Grove Cemetery. Yes - and our property taxes went up. How about some SERVICE? This has been sitting here for WEEKS!
  • 241-249 Rhode Island 2 Providence, Rhode Island - Reservoir
    Graffiti on burned down sunny market. Building needs to be torn down! Making neighborhood ghetto!!! It's been months since the fire!!!!
  • Melrose St Providence, RI - Elmwood
  • Near 59 Reservoir Ave. - Reservoir
    A large hole in the road when crossing the bridge on Reservoir Ave before Popeyes Fried Chicken has slipped and moved, exposing a dangerous hole that car tire can fall into. NEEDS TO BE REMEDIED IMMEDIATELY.
  • 66 Reservoir Ave Providence, Rhode Island - Elmwood
    2 huge, very deep potholes on bridge!
  • Kipling St Providence, RI - Elmwood
    All the lights are faded. Two of them turn on and off.
  • 777 Elmwood Avenue Providence, RI - Elmwood
    The diner at 777 Elmwood Ave which is currenly bank-owned was recently tagged. The diner car is on the list of National Register of Historic Places of the National Park Service. This is disgraceful. The enameled metal panels of the car are tagged as well as the cinder block attached building on both side, including the graffiti of a mural on the north side of the bldg. Please take care of this immediately before it encourages further graffiti. http://www.nps.gov/history/nr/feature/weekly_features/10_01_22_central_diner.htm
  • Elmwood Ave Providence, RI - Elmwood
    Needs speed limit signs
    Not enough signage on street
    Speed limit 25mph and speeding is an issue
  • 37 W Friendship St Providence, RI 02907, USA - Elmwood