Van R. Johnson, II Alderman, District 1

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-15

Van R. Johnson, II

District 1

Post Office Box 9141
Savannah, GA 31412

Notified About

  • Atlantic Coastal Hwy Pooler-Burroughs, GA 31405, USA - Chatham County
    This is a very busy intersection and has been in need of a traffic light for years.
  • 1000-1098 E 41st St Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    There is a water leak that has been spilling water since January. This is a significant amount of water and has been running down the block, around the corner in front of my business, and into the storm drain. It is now March and this has been about two months of water being thrown away as well as causing a danger to drivers and those who come to my studio everyday.
    City water department has yet to do anything but post notices and they are fully aware of the wasted water. Thousands of gallons wasted.
  • Chatham Pkwy At Business Center Drive - Savannah
    The intersection of Chatham Parkway and Business Center Drive badly needs a traffic light. There is a busy office complex on one side of the street and a busy apartment complex on the other side of the street. Traffic from the nearby major intersection of Chatham Pkwy and Hwy 17 backs up beyond this intersection daily. Maneuvering in this area is very dangerous.
  • 2301-2399 Harden St Savannah, GA 31415, USA - Savannah
    This 3 block area has drug dealers & prostitutes everywhere. I feel terrible for little children who are forced to live in this neighborhood.
  • 1100-1122 E 42nd St Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah
    At the corner of Waters Avenue and 42nd Street there is a bus stop. There is no garbage can at this bus stop and the amount of litter is terrible. This corridor is under reclamation and yet I can not get anyone to place a garbage can here. I talked to the city and they say that it is not their responsibility. They said it is CAT's responsibility. I have yet to have one single response to my emails from Chatham Area Transit. Please, help me fix this problem!! I want this neighborhood to be as beautiful as the people living here.
  • Bay Street - Savannah
    The lane markers need to be repainted. They are faint when the road is dry, and not visible at all when the road is wet. Add darkness to that, and it is impossible to see the lane line. I've seen two near-miss accidents already this week, and it's only Tuesday.
  • 601-699 State Highway 204 Savannah, GA 31415, USA - Savannah
    I'm tired of playing dodge-the-cars every day when I drive on 37th street. It is WAY TOO NARROW for cars to park plus have 2 lanes of traffic. Cars park on sidewalks, which is illegal, to avoid side-swipes and I'M TIRED OF PEOPLE ALMOST HITTING ME TO AVOID THESE CARS!
  • Sign - Repair Archived
    Exit 5 Interstate 516 Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    On I-516 north/west bound, exit 5 to I-16 has no working lights at 6:30am when it is dark. Also exits 165 & 166 on I-16 east bound are also dark. This has been the case for several weeks (if not longer). GA DOT says it's Chatham County's responsibility
  • 700 Block Of East Duffy Street Savannah, GA - Savannah
    Duffy Street has several rental properties that are not monitored by the property owners. Cars are parked on the sidewalks. This issue has been reported to the city and curbs were promised to help keep the vehicles parked on the street instead of on the sidewalks. That was a month ago and to date nothing has been done.
  • 110 Brampton Rd Savannah GA - Garden City
    Sizable amount of pavement missing after railroad track in NE bound lane of Brampton Rd. Many motorists will drive into the opposite lane to avoid the gap or almost completely stop to cross it, backing up traffic.
  • Vandalism Archived
    523 E 36th St Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    Graffitti on back of garage, visible from E. Broad Street
  • 3912-3968 Georgia 21 Garden City, GA 31408, USA - Garden City

    There is a left and right lane on this exit. Divers will enter on the right side and then drive over to the left side near the exit. I have almost been hit several times.

    Please paint lanes on the exit to help prevent this.