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  • Tolland Circle Simsbury, CT - Hartford County
    This road probably has never been repaved since it was built in 1979. The road is all cracked, potholes are beginning to develop, curbs are breaking away, and storm drains are old. When is this street scheduled to be repaved by the town?
  • Rt 315 Rt 10 Intersection Simsbury, CT - Simsbury Center
    intersection rt 315 tariffville road and RT 10 .. crossing light going south to north on the rail trail. The button for the crossing light is not close to the crosswalk and there is a curb in front of the crossing light button, so the cyclists must dismount, back the bike up and point it towards the crosswalk. Difficult for many to do .. and some just wait for a lull in the traffic and cross without using the light. I suggest the curb in front of the crossing light button be removed and the road striping added as part of the crosswalk
  • Pothole Archived
    1 Old Barge Rd. Simsbury, Connecticut - Simsbury Center
    There is a pothole right in front of the stop sign at the end of the road.
  • Corner Of Holcomb St & County Rd simsbury, Ct - Hartford County
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 32-52 Hayes Rd Tariffville, CT 06081, USA - Tariffville
    on streets that are off of Hayes Rd. and on Hayes Road there are trees down on wires, wires laying in the road, wires hanging low between poles. these problems are throughout the neigborhood.
  • 10 Hampshire Lane Simsbury, CT - Hartford County
    93 yo living here, just out of the hospital from fractured hip, on oxygen and respiratory treatments. None since storm started. She very cold.
  • Tolland Circle Simsbury, CT - Hartford County
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