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  • Brisbon Rd Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - Richmond Hill

    Good Morning City Planners:

    Yet another city/county ordinance for 10' natural barriers bites the dust on Brisbon Road this morning by it's Brisbon entitled, $300,000+ subdivision neighbors.
    Code enforcement at it's finest.

    Connie Miller
    378 Brisbon Rd.

  • 201-297 Port Royal Rd Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - Richmond Hill
    The section of the road between Publix and the entrance to the Richmond Hill Golf Club/Neighborhood has been littered with trash for a couple of weeks.
  • 27 Richmond Way Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - Richmond Hill
    Street gutter where HwY 144 turns on to Richmond Way (coming into Richmond Place) has sustained damage from large trucks running all over them.
  • Street Light Archived
    1-169 Richmond Way Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - Richmond Hill
    All lights in front of Richmond Place at HWY 144 & Richmond Way are out. Can someone please get them fixed.
  • Sommers Blvd Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - Richmond Hill
    I’ve been living in Richmond hill for 3 years now and the traffic at the identified location seems to be getting particularly worst. The two traffic lights on on hwy 17 by the truck stop are alway opposite and the truckers continually block lanes and ignore traffic rules. I sure I’m not the only person to have noticed this but it has turned a 25 min commute into just under and hour. Since this is also an exit for 95 the lanes are constantly being used for U-turns. Is there a plan to improve conditions? I’m aware of the road work being done in other parts of RH but it this is one of worst traffic intersection I have ever had to daily endure.
  • 176 Taylor Ct Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - Richmond Hill
    I would like to see if there is any chance the city would consider removing or downsizing the island in the cul-de-sac at the end of Taylor Court in Richmond Place. Large trucks and trucks with trailers have a heck of a time maneuvering around the cul-de-sac island they end up damaging the grass. Moving trucks literally have to back up all the way down the street because they can’t get around the island.
    I have attached a picture of the most recent damage.
  • Robbery Open
    Break In on Belfast Keller Road nest to Magnolia Marsh S/D
  • Georgia 119 Ellabell, GA 31308, USA - Bulloch County
    A small dip in the wheel rut southbound on Ga. SR 119 in Bulloch County where there is a cross drain pipe.
  • 31324 Richmond Hill, GA, USA - Richmond Hill
    Richmond hill conducted sewer repair in November of 2020. I visually confirmed the supervisor was Richmond Hill employeed and was driving an RH vehicle. Damage was also done to personal propery in the form of killing grass and irrigation line. The repair has yet to be compete. Please repair. Thank you.
  • 35 Chey Hill Ave Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - Richmond Hill
    Possible street side water leak at 45 Chey Hill Lane. Meter box is full of water. Has been going on for a few weeks. Neighbor is a renter and hasn’t reported it.
  • 151 Waverly Ln Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - Richmond Hill
    Good morning. A Richmond Hill crew was assigned to fix underground pipes for a new-build across the street. The road was dug up in December and still in need of permanent repair. Also, grass around the man cover was torn up, needing replaced. Thankbyou for your time and attention on this matter.
  • Water Lines Archived
    Regis Way Richmond Hill, GA, 31324, USA - US Congressional District GA1
    Steady flowing water from water meter area on 2 areas. Address 613 Ferguson Ln, Richmond Hill GA 31324