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  • Diefendorf Loop Buffalo, NY - University at Buffalo South Campus
    Ongoing construction interferes with vehicles traffic on the West side of Diefendorf parking lot. Vehicles must back down drive lanes in parking lot to exit if parking spaces are full. Safety hazard.
  • Rotary Rd Buffalo, NY 14215, USA - University at Buffalo South Campus
    Clark hall is accessible, however the entire front of the building's sidewalk is under construction, the area is taped off, and clearly visible.
  • University Station Buffalo, New York - University at Buffalo South Campus
    Traffic light for bus loop is twisted towards the Main St. westbound traffic causing confusion for drivers turning into the unisversity (they seem to think it indicates they can turn left when there is an actual arrow on their light for it, but in reality are running a red light). This is dangerous and a confused driver is going to hit someone, pedestrian or car. I almost got hit crossing the intersection twice today.