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  • 3 Frontier Rd Millersport, NY 14051 - University at Buffalo North Campus
    This is a really dangerous intersection, people along the Audubon run this red light at very high speeds. This road needs some police enforcement. Obviously a red light with a strobe bar in it isn't enough.
  • 仿造Ub巴里迪大学毕业证Qq|微信729926040伪造Ub假文凭成绩单|伪造澳洲毕业证明澳洲学位证|澳洲真实回国人员证明|伪造澳洲假毕业证成绩单找工作University Of Ballarat Prince Albert, Saskatchewan - University at Buffalo North Campus
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  • Putnam Way Buffalo, NY - University at Buffalo North Campus
    Multiple bikes affixed to parking sign outside NW corner of Bonner Hall, could use a bike rack installed.
  • 1 White Rd Buffalo, NY - University at Buffalo North Campus
    Several bikes attached to sign posts on the west side of Ketter Hall. Please install a bike rack.
  • 1-3 Frontier Road Buffalo, New York - University at Buffalo North Campus

    Three of the lights along the pedestrian path between the tennis courts and the athletic fields west of Ellicott (see map) have not been working for at least a month, and probably longer. This is the path going from Ellicott/Frontier Road to Creekside Village.

    The remaining working lights are very dim. There is no other artificial light along the path except for tennis court lighting, which is usually off. Trees block most of any starlight or moonlight. Consequently, there is a 60-foot stretch of near-complete darkness. Needless to say, this creates a substantial hazard, which will only worsen during poor weather or once snow and ice accumulate on the path.