Berkeley District 2

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Berkeley City Council District 2

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  • Pothole Archived
    1022-1044 Murray St Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    Road surface failure along entire roadway on Murray St.
  • 1018 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA - Berkeley
    For years, AT&T technicians have been leaving their debris behind at over 20 telecommunications terminals (the green boxes) in Berkeley, littering the public easements and the street gutters leading to the Bay. The Mayor, all City Council Members, the City Manager, and AT&T Corporate officials have been aware of this problem for the last 7 months but have failed in their efforts to stop it. Please join your neighbors by sending a clear signal to city hall that we will not tolerate this continued littering in our city. Please also join us on Facebook and by searching: STOP ATT LITTER
  • 6701 Shellmound Street Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    There is a significant amount of trash and debris piling up around the Ashby exit at Shellmound Street from what appears to be a homeless encampment. This trash has been falling onto Ashby at the underpass and is posing a hazard to motorists and anyone who may be walking in the area.
  • Acton St & Parker St Berkeley, CA, 94702, USA - South Berkeley
    The RVs have been a frequent problem on Acton at Parker and Blake, but now a homeless encampment has taken over the public path adjoining the Santa Fe right-of-way. Tents, solar panel, lean-to. This is a quiet, wholly residential neighborhood. Please, evict them before this gets to be an even more serious problem for the neighbors. Thank you.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    2945 Bolivar Drive Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    This tent encampment is a health hazard for those that live in it and those that pass through it. There is trash everywhere, a dog that chases runners, and the smell is alarming.
  • 2430 9th Street Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    The Bicycle Boulevard sign was knocked down on the east side of 9th St just north of Dwight Way.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    2322-2344 Sixth Street Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    6th Street between Bancroft Way and Dwieght Way is just trashed especially going southbound.
  • 944-998 Ashby Avenue Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    The area of Ashby Ave between Bay Street and San Pablo Ave is very bumpy and has many potholes on both sides of the road. It's quite treacherous on a bike, and I'm frequently concerned about my car in this area as well. It's such a high traffic area to and from the highway, it would be wonderful if this section of Ashby could be repaved as nicely as the stretch of Ashby between Sacramento and Shattuck was recently.
  • 1035-1043 Heinz Avenue Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    Could we retrain EBMUD and PG&E to better repair roadways for all users? Thank you!
  • 933 Ashby Ave Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
    Traffic light on westbound Ashby has been turned to face wrong direction. It’s confusing and dangerous.
  • Bay St & Shellmound St Berkeley, CA, 94710, USA - Emeryville
    This camp is getting bigger by the day. People from this camp are often walking in the street and freeway offramp. Trash, litter, and other debris are strewn throughout the area.
  • 702 Addison Street Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    A nearby construction or utility crew cut and paved over this recently painted sharrow, but neglected to replace it. Please send this crew back to complete the job correctly.