Berkeley District 3

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Berkeley City Council District 3

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  • 3053 3099 Martin Luther King Jr Way Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - South Berkeley
    There is a lot of construction around the Ashby BART stop but nothing has been done about the ridiculous amount of litter that just keeps piling up around the perimeter. It's disgraceful.
  • Woolsey And Tremont Street Berkeley, CA - Berkeley
    Woolsey Street, between Shattuck and Adeline, is a major pedestrian route to Ashby BART. The last month has seen five armed robberies on Woolsey near Tremont and Whitney. The street is very dark and needs improved lighting. The BART station parking lot is well lit, making the surrounding streets even darker and unsafe for pedestrians. Please improve the lighting on this street! More street lights are necessary.
  • 800-848 Stanford Avenue Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    Garbage overflowing
  • 800-848 Stanford Ave Berkeley, CA - Santa Fe

    The curb in front of the Stanford Market on Stanford Ave in Berkeley between King St and 62nd St needs to be painted red, between the two curb cuts. The van repair shop across Stanford regularly stores their vehicles here, which blocks the view of oncoming traffic heading south-west on Stanford from anyone heading south on King St.

    This is especially dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians trying to go south from King St to the path across the Stanford Ave median, as cross traffic is often moving very fast and a clear view is of utmost importance.

  • 3337 California St Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - North Oakland
    Still there. Issue has not been resolved
  • Russell St And King St Berkeley, California - South Berkeley

    Ever since the recent paving work the sewer covers on Russell St just east and west of King St have been rather recessed, such that any bicycle rider who travels over them unexpectedly gets a big jolt and might possibly lose control.

    This is issue was reported previously and marked "closed" by the city but remains a problem. Please take another look at these sewer covers and soften the transition area all around them significantly, so that the surface remains smooth and safe to traverse by all modes. Thank you in advance for your attention.

  • vagrants Archived
    3370 Adeline Street Berkeley, CA - North Oakland
    1 or more vagrants constantly hanging around the businesses, begging & using the sidewalk as a bathroom.
  • King St And Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA - South Berkeley

    When Caltrans repaved the intersection at Ashby and King St in South Berkeley (very nice, thank you) they neglected to repaint one of the yellow crosswalk lines at the south side of this intersection, and the traffic signal loop detector bicycle stencils which were half covered up by the paving work.

    Regardless of who ends up performing this work please make sure Caltrans is charged for it, since they should have taken care of it initially after completing their paving work.

  • Human waste Archived
    3175 Adeline Street Berkeley, California - South Berkeley
    Human excrement and urine on Adeline between Fairview and Woolsey, near homeless encampment.
  • 3325–3347 Martin Luther King Jr Way Berkeley 94703, United States - North Oakland
    More dumping at 62nd and Martin Luther King next to the BART tracks. Queen size foam mattress, bagged and unbagged garbage, suitcase. Definitely abandoned. Please put up no dumping signs and install a camera here.
  • 1800 63rd Street berkeley, California - South Berkeley
    4 tents have popped back up on the east side of the Bart tells again at the intersection of 63rd and MLK.
    it is unsanitary and they are not part of the approved encampment on the west side of the tracks.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2119 Carleton St Berkeley, CA 94704, USA - South Berkeley
    House has been abandoned for over 15 years. It is a blight in the neighborhood and the owner needs to clean up the property or sell.