Eagle Glen

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    4165 Quake Ridge Dr Corona, California - Corona
    Kids using our fire lane to go to a place refereed to as nirvana...how can we stop this? Do we address it with our homeowners association or? It's a nuisance and they come in car loads, day and night...noisey and leaving trash! Conserned that some illegal activity may be going on and the liability to our association??
  • 7388-7480 El Cerrito Rd Corona, CA, 92881, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    East Foothill at Bedford Canyon. Far right lane just prior to Bedford Canyon is a turn-right only lane. Cars are supposed to turn right on Bedford Canyon and not proceed straight through the intersection to take the on-ramp to I-15 South. Instead, cars proceed straight and block access for cars in middle lane to cross over to right lane after Bedford Canyon for I-15 access. There used to be cones at Bedford Canyon to ensure that cars turn right but these cones have been removed. Neither does the intersection have a turn right arrow. This intersection is confusing and unsafe. Today and Monday I was nearly rear-ended when I had to stop in the middle lane as cars had proceeded straight through Bedford Canyon and had not turned right as required. In addition, cars on the left lane almost sideswiped me as I attempted to cross over legally. Please bring the cones back to ensure that cars turn right on Bedford Cayon from Foothill. This intersection is not safe.
  • 1796 Keith St Corona CA 92881, United States - Corona
    A shack is being built (mostly at night) on the hill overlooking the neighborhood.
  • 1756–1798 Galloway Ln Corona CA 92881, United States - Corona
    Unsafe intersection Needs stop sign as drivers come down steep hill and don't stop or slow while turning onto Inverness Drive
  • Sofa dumped Archived
    Spyglass Park 1790 Spyglass Dr, Corona, CA 92883, USA - Corona
    A sofa has been dumped on the sidewalk at the corner of Eagle Glen Parkway and Riviera in front of Spyglass Park in the Eagle Glen community.
  • 1757–1799 Galloway Ln Corona CA 92881, United States - Corona
    Cars come flying down the hill and there are many children that play in the area. Completely unsafe and a stop sign needs to be put in place.
  • 7362-7398 Boyd Ave Corona, CA 92881, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    silver paint sprayed on wooden fence for 20240 Kayne St.. fence is on Boyd; this has happened twice before by unknowns.
  • 19770-19806 Bedford Canyon Road Corona, California - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    Large pile of debris, lots of debris along the road on Bedford
  • 4163-4189 Bennett Ave Corona, CA 92881, USA - Corona
    The mechanism to hold down the center straps on two of the three nets have been broken for months. A 'fix' was applied DOES NOT WORK: some goo put into a hole that should be hardware in the concrete.
  • 1683 Fairway Drive Corona, California - Corona
    Traffic Speed coming up and down Fairway Drive is excessive and dangerous. There is no signage indicating the school zone at the bottom of the street or posted speed limit signs.
  • 1795 Riverstone St Corona, CA, 92883, USA - Corona
    There are City of Corona street standup signs to warn of construction or to divert traffic during construction in Eagle Glen that have been on street corners for over a year. Please remove the signs located at Morales and Riverstone, Inverness and Riverstone, Masters and Bennett and Bedford Canyon across from the fire station.
  • 1796 Keith St Corona CA 92881, United States - Corona
    Make shift residence built overlooking neighborhood Unsafe and built during nighttime hours Been reported before and code enforcement has done nothing about it