Naylor Gardens

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  • 30th & Erie Sts SE, Washington D.C., DC - Hillcrest
    Okay, this isn't Rocket Science DC DPW. The #30 Metrobuses have knocked down that yellow "STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS IN CROSSWALK" sign that was placed in the middle of the street. As a result, the post that the sign was connected to is protruding from the asphalt at least 5inches or more! This can easily deflate/puncture any type of automobile tire, and even those big Metrobus tires can roll over it and be punctured. Dig that thing up and get it out of the way!!!!!
  • Se Alabama Av & Se Good Hope Rd Good Hope Marketplace, Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    Trash and debris is also scattered everywhere.
  • Pothole Archived
    2315 Branch Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
  • Tree Removal Acknowledged
    2521 33rd St Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    The tree is dead, falling a apart, and resting on power lines. It needs to be taken down.
  • 2501 33rd Street Southeast Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    The city replaced the side walks on Camden adjacent to my front yard. I the process of replacing the sidewalks the crew further damaged the deteriorated curb that supports the sloping front yard. I request the curb be replaced.
  • 3105 Alabama Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    Someone stole our trash can and recycle bin and ripped the top off the other trash can. Can we get a new one without paying $45?
  • 3397 Gainesville St Se Washington, DC - Hillcrest
    It is difficult to turn both northbound or southbound onto Branch Avenue SE from Gainesville Avenue SE. Besides the fact that it is at the crest of a hill, the road curves around from east to west at the top of the hill.
    Furthermore, there is a low cement wall and large oak tree on the northwest corner of the section, necessitating motorists to pull out past the crosswalk and nearly into the intersection in order to see the southbound traffic adequately.
  • 3319 Alabama Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    Catch basin is offset and needs to be repaired. This is a tripping hazard.
  • 2637 30th St Se Washington 20020, United States - Hillcrest
    This car has been sitting here since December and has not moved. No one has even opened a door on it. And the registration has been expired since 12/18
  • 2641 30th St Se Washington 20020, United States - Hillcrest
    Car pulled up on 02/14/19 and the driver lifted the hood as of the vehicle stopped working. Vehicle hasn’t moved since. Also has no proper registration.
  • 3007 Erie Street Se Washington Dc 20020 - Hillcrest
    One street light is out near the woods and it’s completely unsafe to walk during the night.
  • Light Out Archived
    2912 Alabama Ave Se Washington, District of Columbia - Hillcrest