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  • Randolp NJ - Morris County
    there should be a left turn arrow at light at rt 10 and canfield. dangerous intersection
  • 21-79 Canfield Ave Randolph, NJ - Morris County
    Coming down Canfield and trying to make a left turn onto RT 10 West is a deadly turn! It is almost impossible to cross onto Rt 10 as cars are coming straight at you to cross the highway or attempting to tun onto RT 10 east from the other side of Canfield.There is limited visibility and the light is too short.We need a dedicated left turn signal.
  • 902 State Rte 10 NJ - Morris County
    Huge bumps on the road on Rt. 10 up to the light on canfield
  • Quaker Church Rd./Dover-Chester Rd. - Morris County
    Try making a left hand turn at this intersection during rush hour. It's nearly impossible!!
  • Randolph NJ across from Chase bank - Morris County
    Something needs to be done at this jughandle in the afternoon. CCM students are going that way as well as people going towards Chester and it causes a backup on Route 10 at times
  • Dover Chester Road & Rt 10 - Morris County
    A left turn lane sensor is defective, as if always indicating a car is waiting to make a left turn from Dover-Chester Rd. onto RT 10 Eastbound. This causes the other side of Dover-Chester to get very congested (especially when college lets out). It happens every light cycle, so drivers on the college side of Dover-Chester needlessly wait for nothing.
  • 66-70 Canfield Ave Randolph Twp, NJ, 07869, USA - Morris County
    Not long ago a turn arrow light and delayed green were added (good call). However, the right lane was left alone as "Straight or Right turn Only" and the left is "Left Turn Only." Cars going straight would wait no longer than currently if the left lane was "Straight and Left Only." This would allow cars in right lane (Should be "Right Turn Only") to make a right on red when traffic is slow or non-existent on Rte 10. The photo shows a typical scene where Right lane backs up with long lines because there is a car waiting to go straight. I honestly believe this was an oversight not to change this when the light was changed. Just makes good sense and helps traffic flow to change.
  • 1586 Sussex Turnpike Randolph, New Jersey - Morris County
    Lots of potholes last weekend when I went through here. Even the trucks slow down.
  • Rte 10 E & Dover Chester Rd Randolph, nj - Morris County
    The traffic signals at Rte 10 & Dover Chester Rd are incredibly long for those travelling on Dover Chester Rd. I can only speak about the lights at approx. 6:45AM and they are WAY too long. Traffic on DC Rd can back up easily past the entrance to CCM.
  • 100-108 Dover Chester Rd Randolph, NJ 07869, USA - Morris County
    Because of college traffic, diner traffic, and u turns from west bound Rt 10 to East bound Rt 10, there is a lot of confusion and accidents and near accidents that happen in this intersection. There has also been a death since this posting. A person was crossing the street and was hit and killed by a car. The people who are making the right turn on a red light don't even stop to look they just slow down and make the turn even though people are making a U turn on green which is legal and they have the right of way.
  • 891 State Route 10 Randolph, NJ 07869, USA - Morris County
    the road leans to the left and breaks off pices and sips on dirty about 3 inches. hazardous in getting to canfiel avenue and goes back as far as between townhomes and apartments. fix road evenly to side!
  • Penn Ave/Center Grove And Van Oustram Intersection Randolph, New Jersey - Morris County
    Dangerous intersection where no one uses directional blinker. Have seen many accidents.