26th Police District, Bicycle Incidents

Open Issues: 12 Closed Issues: 22 Acknowledged Issues: 3
Watching issues created after: 2009-12-21

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

Notified About

  • 1238 N. Palethorp Street Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    There is an abandoned house at this location & the back yard has become a dumping ground for all sorts including: bikes, bricks, cartons, & general trash items.
  • 995 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123 - Northern Liberties

    The city installed rumble strips along 2nd Street on Tuesday (10/6). It's clear that these were installed in order to slow vehicles within the vicinity of multiple mid-block pedestrian crossings; however, the rumble strips are cut across the full-width of both lanes, are difficult for cyclists to traverse, and are a tire-wedge hazard.

    It seems that the rumble strips could have been just as effective if they were only installed within the center of the road (perhaps extending 5' on each side of the lane line) so that vehicles would still catch the strips with one wheel while allowing cyclists to bypass the rumble strips along the edge of the lane.

    It is worth noting that the ped crossing issue at this location is only partially due to high vehicular speeds; the other issue is the poor sight distances at these crossings. Although painted pedestrian bump-outs are present in some locations, the narrow lanes and existing parking lanes greatly limit the sight distance and pose a safety hazard. In addition to addressing the rumble strip issue, perhaps a REAL look should be taken at addressing the pedestrian crossings... like a visible pedestrian signal... something like the newly approved, pedestrian actuated, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons to grab motorists attention. (FYI, the PennDOT approval number is SPD-001X for those beacons.)

    A photo is included as part of this updated posting.

  • 2020 E. Susquhanna Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Contractor cut a hole in the street and has not filled with dirt, put plywood on it and it's cracking from the SEPTA bus and cars going over it. Sidewalks not blocked off, holes and mud everywhere.
  • 2463 Amber St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    This was admitted by owner to L and I years ago at zoning meeting for the back garage. It was never remedied. There is open air drug dealing and use from this house.
  • 1212 N Delaware Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Fishtown
    The bike lane on the southbound side of the street, right next to the sandwich shop, is always being used as a parking lane by customers of the shop; sometimes even by Police officers stopping to get food. They have a parking lot that is infrequently used. Having to veer into traffic on Columbus Ave is very dangerous. Columbus is a great way to get from Fishtown and Port Richmond to Center City and South Philadelphia, but it's too dangerous if cyclists can't use the bike lanes that were created for them.
  • Vehicle Idling Acknowledged
    2085 Coral St Philadelphia, PA 19125 - Kensington

    There is often idling daily and overnight at the end of the Milk Depot that is used for grocery store storage. Large tractor trailors and other smaller commercial trucks are idling here.

    In addition to the idling, it seems that they have illegally turned a couple of the lots nearby the warehouse into their personal idling haven and loading dock.

  • 2030 E Dauphin St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Construction Halted and sidewalk has been left torn up blocks HAZARDOUS for over a year. This is a dangerous situation for pedestrians and many kids that live on this block. TRIPPING HAZARD & Blocked pedestrian access.
  • 3400 Belgrade St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Common alleyway gated up and key is held by one person. Now everyone on the block has to bring there trash through our homes.
  • 927 N Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA - Northern Liberties
    There's a square hole surrounding some kind of access cover in the left lane of NB Delaware Ave. a little ways south of Frankford. The fill around it is gone and it looks deep enough to really do some damage if hit hard. It can be safely passed on the left.
  • 982 N Delaware Ave Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    Well-established and used bike lane SB Delaware Ave (south of spring garden) has faded so much that cars regularly veer into bike traffic making it dangerous for motorist and cyclist alike. Please repaint ! Thank you.
  • Plow/Salt Archived
    1304 E Columbia Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Fishtown
    Columbia Avenue from Frankford to Delaware avenues is a STATE highway. It needs to be plowed and SALTED or you will have the same disaster as last year. Do you really want to pay a contractor to come out lift the ice sheets with a bulldozer and then salt. The City should be held responsible for any accidents and injuries.
  • 1124-1130 N Orianna St Philadelphia, PA - Northern Liberties
    Broken Block Windows, Cinderblocked windows, overgrown vegetation, grafiti, and sidewalk completely torn up. Every other property on this block is occupied and maintained.