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  • 796 7th Street South Delano, MN - Delano
    the road has been driven on too much by semis and it is wrecking the road and making it a wash board effect with the problem in the winter that it makes it even harder to stop one because of the road and 2 cause the city cant plow.
  • dip in road Archived
    740 7th Street South Delano, MN - Delano
    when they put that driveway in the re did the road and it has been sinking
  • Ice Open
    401-785 Tiger Drive Delano, MN 55328, USA - Delano
    Glare ice at 4 way stops and connecting roads (Rockford ave) need salt or sand. Cars sliding thru stop signs
  • ice Open
    312-398 Bridge Avenue East Delano, MN - Delano
    at the intersection of 4th and bridge it is covered in ice, also can the city think about the huge trees by the sidewalk being taken down because it is very hard to see if any cars are coming when you are headed south on 4th and make a left on bridge and it makes it hard so you need to go out in the intersection to see if any traffic is coming
  • bumps Open
    751 7th Street South Delano, MN 55328, USA - Delano
    There are bumps on the northern side of 7th street just before 17. They make the abs on all car/semi activate.
  • 809 Clover Springs Court Delano, MN 55328, USA - Delano
    At water tower park in clover springs neighborhood
  • Train Archived
    1466 St Peter Ave E Delano, Minnesota - Delano
    We would like to ask for a No Horn policy for trains passing by the Legacy of Delano, Delano Commons, and Gateway Village Apartments.
  • Pothole Archived
    233 Elm Ave E Delano, MN - Delano
    There is a large pothole in the intersection of Elm Avenue and Second Street
  • 651 Ridgewood Ln Delano, Minnesota - Delano
    By sewer gutter Southside.
  • 248 River Street Delano, MN - Delano