1st Police District, Bicycle Incidents

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  • W Moyamensing Ave And Pollock Street Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Planning District South
    Average size pot hole on the turn off of moyamensing onto Pollock. It's right in near the St. Richards parking lot.
  • 1902 Mckean St. Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Girard Estates

    This container at the corner of 19th & McKean Sts. is being used by the Phila. Water Dept. They store their tools & supplies for work that they doing on the 2000 block of Garnet St.
    Unfortunately, people are mistaking it for dumpster and heave their trash on top. Please someone remove the trash a put a sign up saying "This is not a dumpster"

    Thank you!

  • 2053 South Hemberger St. Apt. 1 Philadelphia, PA - Grays Ferry
    I have call numerous times to 311 and to the police about people coming and going out of this abandon apartment building for some time now, the building is a safe haven for illegal activities in drugs trash dumping kids hang out on the corner of the building at all times of the day and night hours without any parent supervision what so ever, i live at 2223 Snyder Ave right next to the filfth ,the other part of the apartment building 2053 South Hemberger St. Apt.2 door is unsecure the door is wide open, a accident is waiting to happen if the police or L&I don't step in to correct the problems it will be worst.
  • 2253 South Croskey St Philadelphia, PA - Grays Ferry
    My next door neighbors dog has been barking incessantly for 6 hours tonight.
    I have met with the family and pleaded with them to find a remedy to the situation. The situation is causing us to wake on average of three times per night and the dog is triggered whenever left alone and hears the slightest of noises.
    We have called animal control and givent hem the police report # as well as calling pcca as directed by the 311 disbatcher.
  • 2638 South Carlisle St. Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    NAPA Auto parts store has a trailer in a fenced in area behind the store, underneath the trailer is all kinds of trash which NAPA never cleans out, neighbors have seen rats in the trash heap under the trailer can you help get NAPA Auto Parts to clean out the area under the trailer Thank you.
  • 1734 Sigel St Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    I was hoping to find out how have a No Parking sign removed (it is to the left of 1743 Sigel St). It was in front of a garage, but the homeowner recently removed the garage door and installed a regular house door. If we could have the signs removed it would free up almost two parking spaces for residents. Attached are pictures of the space and the new house door.
  • 2600 Block Of 19th St(West Side) Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    2600 block of south 19th st in front of garages. Litter ALWAYS left there for days and ower of garages DO NOT pick up trash.
  • 2467 Oregon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145 - Girard Estates
    both eastbound lanes on Oregon are eaten up...very bad on tires. an accident waiting to happen at speeds of expressway
  • 2638-2762 W Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Philadelphia Planning District Lower South
    The two lanes that enter the intersection Northeast-bound do not line up with their counterparts on the other side of the intersection. Cars in the left lane routinely enter the right lane, infringing on that lane's traffic and risking an accident. Dotted lines painted through the intersection or signage would help eliminate this confusion.
  • 2500 South 21st Street Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    There is a huge hole in the middle of 2500 South 21st Street. Cars are constantly swerving not to go over it and it is is a 2 way street. An accident is bound to happen.