39th Police District, Bicycle Incidents

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-22

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

Notified About

  • Ridge Av & Calumet St Philadelphia, PA 19129, USA - East Falls
    Ridge Ave - From Midvale Ave to School House Lane. This block is all tore up even before all the snow. Now it is 10x worse and with the entrance/exit of Rt 76 right there along with the Falls Bridge. This is one big accident ready to happen
  • 515 W Chelten Ave Philadelphia pa - Germantown
    Hello I'm calling to report idling buses
    Several bus lines at the Hathaway house at the corner of Chelten and WissahickonAve.
    Several bus lines stop right there. this is an apartment complex and office building complex you are unable to see traffic coming towards you when you come out of the driveway. The bus drivers come there on the 18 line the 26 line and Sit there and talk to eachother , read the paper, and talk on the cellphones 4 long periods of time and almost cause many accidents.
  • Rittenhouse St And Wissahickon Ave Philadelphia, PA - Germantown

    The entire area is covered in car parts following Sunday's accident. I'd like to believe this would get cleaned up by the city, but that type of thing doesn't happen in this area without some prodding.

    Please remove the car parts from the northeast corner, the northwest corner, and the roadway.

    Please repair the fire hydrant.

  • Lincoln Drive And Rittenhouse Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA - East Falls

    The traffic detour at ridge and lincoln is causing safety problems upstream at the intersection of Lincoln drive and Rittenhouse.

    Drivers traveling on southbound lincoln drive south of wissahickon are making illegal left hand turns onto rittenhouse when they sense traffic is backing up. This is a hazard to motorists travelling northbound on lincoln drive. Expect head on collisions (saw a very close near miss today).

    Please enforce traffic laws here.


  • 3692 Calumet St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - East Falls

    There's two residents of Calumet St. who have taken parking way beyond inconsiderate and into a public nuisance. William Gadziala who lives at 3711 Calumet St (and also owns the junkyard adjacent lots) keeps 3 rusted, dilapidated vehicles parked in the street. He intentionally parks them just far enough apart so that another vehicle can't fit between them while still taking up the maximum amount of space in the street so no one can park near his house. These cars are nothing but junk placeholders and they haven't moved in years. He also keeps the entire 45' length of the empty lots marked off as no parking even though the lots are not used as a driveway. The color, make, model and licence plates of his vehicles are:

    -Red, Dodge Dakota truck, YHL-2265
    -Red, Chevrolet unknown car, FVZ-3728
    -Black Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport car, EGD-5643

    Bob Hendry who lives at 3692 Calumet St. (house is in the name of Diane Steinberg) pulls a similar parking gimmick. Bob parks FIVE cars in the street, 3 of them are junk cars that are nothing more than placeholders. He parks all five cars in a single file line, and just like Bill across the street he strategically spaces them as far apart as possible without leaving enough room for another car to fit. But Bob does this to reserve himself a parking spot for the one car he actually drives. When he wants to park, he pulls the middle car all the way up so it creates a parking spot behind it. Think about that logic... He's willing to keep 3 junk cars in the street for the sole purpose of reserving himself a parking spot in front of his house... Again, these cars have not moved in years except for a few feet to create a parking spot. The color, make and model of his vehicles are:

    -Blue Dodge Ram truck, YGL-7938
    -Red Oldsmobile unknown, FWP-8444
    -Gold Chrysler Town & Country van, FDJ-4562
    -Blue Ford Escort station wagon, HFR-3236
    -Blue Nissan Altima car, HLV-7312

    Most of these vehicles that Bill and Bob own would never pass a legitimate state inspection, yet curiously they have new inspection stickers every year. More than likely they "make a deal" with a local garage to get current inspection stickers so they can renew their East Falls parking permits.

    It's expected that parking will be difficult when you live in a city, but you don't expect to be intentionally sabotaged by your neighbors. These guys are very crafty and calculated. It is not an exaggeration when I say they take up at least 20 parking spots on Calumet St. Walk down and see for yourself if you're skeptical. Their parking nuisance is an absolute slap in the face to all of their Calumet St and East Falls neighbors and something needs to be done to get their junk vehicles off our street.

  • 3614 Stokley St. 19129 - East Falls
    Not sure if it's a power line or phone line--don't think it's live, but I don't want to fool with it and it's blocking my garage
  • Depression Archived
    3209 W Coulter St - East Falls
    Water main leak was repaired. Area has settled, causing a significant dip in the street. Causes cars to bottom out. May cause an accident.
  • broken glass Archived
    Schuylkill River Trail - Philadelphia To Valley Forge Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - East Falls
    There is broken glass on the Kelly Drive bike path where there was a car accident on Monday, Oct. 31.
  • 4055 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Alleghany West
    There was an accident on Ridge ave 5.5 weeks ago in front of the apartment community that I manage. We have called 311 15 times to have the fire hydrant repaired, someone came out and put caution sign up but did not fixed the fire hydrant they left it on the ground that was after 5 phone calls. At the 10 phone call someone came out and put the hydrate up. On the 15 phone call we still do not have anyone here to fix it. who is paying for the water and the person who fell?
    For the whole 5 weeks it has been leaking and since the water is continuously flowing it froze up and someone fell
    and was hurt. I saw the water deportment out here Saturday night and it is still leaking. How many phone calls should we make before it i fixed.
  • Lincoln Dr Philadelphia, PA, 19144, USA - Roxborough
    01/26/2019 The guardrail separating the Wissahickon Bikeway from Lincoln Drive is missing. Considering the recent pair of motor vehicle crashes from Lincoln Drive into/alongside the nearby upper bikeway bridge, this is very dangerous for trail users.
  • 4055 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA - Alleghany West
    car accident took out fire hydrant between 4035 and 4055 Ridge Ave. My apartment community’is right in front of the missing hydrant. In the event of a fire there will not be a water supply. We have made several calls regarding this and have been transferee to different departments but still no resolve.
  • 598 W School House Ln Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown
    Driver passed me on Wissahickon Ave then waited at School House Lane until I caught up to him. The light at School House Lane was green for some time while the driver stopped and waited for me. When I passed him at the light, he then came up behind me and hit me from the rear damaging my bike.