14th Police District, Bicycle Incidents

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-23

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

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  • Crash Archived
    7126-7130 Forbidden Dr Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Roxborough
    A new gully has formed across the Forbidden Drive, approx 75 ft Southeast of the Valley Green Inn. It approaches 8 inches deep in places, has steep sides and stretches across three-quarters of the Drive. My wife crashed her bike when her front wheel fell in this gully, breaking her helmet and bruising her legs.
  • 6672 Blakemore St Philadelphia, PA - Mount Airy
    There is a car on the street that looks like it has been in an accident and is not getting fixed anytime soon. I believe it is somebody's car in the rental apartments on the north side of Blakemore. The car has been in this shape for over two weeks. It is a silver Toyota Corolla, 4 door, New Jersey Plates, VGK 94J is the license plate number. It would be nice to have the car removed or make the owner repair it.
  • 7407 Emlen Street (Cresheim Drive) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119 - Mount Airy
    Dangerous-looking, rusted guard rails along drive in this section, some newly crashed into, some perhaps old. Doubt if they'll provide further protection if a car should go astray, here. Newer guard rails were installed from Lincoln Drive to Germantown, which have what looks like accordian bumpers where attached to support poles.. The older ones do not. Scary!
  • 22 E Springfield Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118, USA - Chestnut Hill
    Stop signs are desperately needed on Winston Road by East Springfield Avenue. Drivers at that intersection have a blind spot due to the curve in Winston road, trees, and residents' cars. Over the years there have been many collisions and close calls!
  • Vernon Road And Blakemore Philadelphia, PA - Mount Airy
    There is a set of utility boxes that were taken out by a car last night after the driver crashed into them. One is blocking the sidewalk and the other is severely damaged. Please send someone out to fix. There is also a lot of anti-freeze and oil all over the sidewalk from the genius who crashed.