24th Police District, Bicycle Incidents

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-23

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

Notified About

  • 1900 Stella St Philadelphia, PA - East Kensington
    The 1900 block of E. Stella Street has been a dead end street for decades now and has been opened for an entrance into a recently built school(willard elementry). None of the neighbors that reside on the block were informed this gate would be opened. One of the problems are the junkies that use the entrance to gain access to our street, they sit at the end of the street shooting up and leave their needles on the pavement which is not only dangerous to the children that call this block home but to the chidren of the school also!There are many other problems arising from this. Our cars have been damaged from the kids..we find kids running over top our cars on a daily basis,bonding cement was rubbed all over a garage door on the street and a van on the street from the children, cars have been scratched,my newly planted tree was knocked right out of the ground by kids from the school and a neighbors plants, in large wine barrels are tipped over reguarly. In the morning parents stand at the begining of the street and will scream down the street to their kids.The kids walk in the middle of the street and wont move out of the way of cars,parents do this also and trying to park on the street is impossible because the kids are running everywhere without looking and with our guidence, I myself almost ran 3 children over trying to park. Also cars pull up the street which causes a big ordeal when they try to back out. Being how small the street is it is very unsafe for these children with the traffic. Also there are poles that stick out of the fence and if any child falls on one they will go right through them. Our street, which is very well mantained, is now littered with trash from the kids. Since there are 2-3 other entrances to this school we find it unnessecary to keep this one open and would like to have it closed up immediatly!!
  • 4047 Howland St Philadelphia, PA - Juniata Park-Feltonville
    House is boarded up mattress and tires have been under the porch in driveway for over a year. Someone is storing stuff in the garage
  • 3002 E Thompson Street Philadelphia, PA - Richmond
    underage kids drinking using drugs in broad daylight and past curfew
  • 3064 Allen Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania - Richmond
    The left hand turn coming from 95 North at Exit 25 (Allegheny) is blind due to fencing and high brush growth. E Allegheny Avenue is also frequented by large trucks. I've been honked at and nearly hit a couple times as I creep out to get a look past the turn. Hoping for the city to increase visibility around the turn to avoid accidents. Potential solution is to clear the brush and evaluate if the fence needs to be repositioned.
  • 2800 Belgrade St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Richmond
    old suv mar4oon color. .looks like it was in an accident and abandoned..been there for a long time.out of state plates(colorado)
  • 2846 E. Thompson St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Richmond
    overgrown trees behind 2846 E. Thompson St. are damaging adjacent garages