15th Police District

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-23

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

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  • 4728 Knorr Street philadelphia, PA - Tacony
    This property looks terrible it is un kept trash all over the property. High hedges on the front of the property, attempts to shelter drug sales. Weeds four foot tall in the yard and a green swimming pool that is a breeding ground for misquietos. I have the garages in the rear of the property and the stench from dog poop perforates the air. This house is an eyesore, and brings down all aspects of the American dream. Something has to finally be done. Enough is Enough! After nearly 50 years as a resident in this neighborhood it may be time to pack up and leave!
  • 1525 Overington St Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Very high weeds, trash, debris, broken fence lying in yard, weeds and trash on sidewalks, odors and what looks like a long mound where something was buried next to garage.
  • 6367 Algard Street Philadelphia, PA - Tacony
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 4445 Vista St Philadelphia, PA - Mayfair
  • State Road Philadelphia, PA - Tacony
    State road where there are 2 lanes approaching the new entrance to 95 S. The right lane goes either straight to 95 or veers to the left continuning on New State Road, while the left lane is only supposed to veer left. People in the left lane do not follow this and think it is ok to merge with the right lane. This is dangerous, stupid and incredibly ignorant to those in the right lane. The sign clearly states you which way both lanes are to go but people refuse to follow the obvious course. Please add another sign/paint the lanes with arrows or post police here. I'm sure it will take an accident for something to be done but it shouldn't have to come to that.
  • 4314 Rhawn St Philadelphia, PA 19136, USA - Holmesburg
    There is a commercial business operating out of the rear of 4314 Rhanw Street. They build a enormous garage in the back of the property. They have many employees who are parking all around the surrounding streets leaving their cars on the streets for days at a time causing parking issues for the people that actually live in this area! Most of the cars have NY plates no less. Can someone PLEASE look into this to see if... a) Did the property owner ever obtain a permit for this massive gargae structure in the back of the property. b) If they obtained permits to operate a commercial business from this address. There can be many large pick up trucks blocking the driveway at many times during the day.
  • 4728 Knorr Street Philadelphia, PA - Tacony
    In this weeks N.E. Times 8/15 Letters to the Editor a person wrote his comments reguarding the revitilization of Tacony and the spending on redevolopment of the Torresdale avenue corridor. As sad as its to say, it's true. Have you ever seen a neighborhood build up quickly after a decline? How can you rebuild a corrodor when you cannot get responses from authorities with in the surrounding neighborhood. You can call and complain about nusience situations and nothing... NE colition and Town Watch advice to call 911, the district, 311. Noone responds. The hemmorage of decay of this and surrounding is so rapid, and nothings being done. Do not respond and call me a basher, to get involved more then I'm in now. I've lived in this area for more then 30 years and never seen the politics in such a disarray. The response times of the police so slow. People are calling out for help, to be ignored. You don't have to be an official to figure out the easiest way to combat crime. You send out community relations officers and find the trouble source. Recently on this fourm and see click fix may issues have been brought to the attention, and so far non resolved. Again I ask the question, Why?
  • 5300 Darrah Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Very upsetting is a woman with cancer who is the daughter of a late Phila Police Detective and sister of a retired Phila Police officer. She has had such harassment from the kids, in the form of banging on her door and running away. Property damage to her basement window..broken out! The lantern was broken, Blue (for police support) CFL with adapter stolen, her auto mirror ripped off the auto! A 91 year old woman that has lived on the block for 64 years (Mother of a Fire Fighter) had her basement glass block broke out, cut screens, kicked in storm door that was installed 40 yrs ago! Broken glass in storm door, dented storm down spout! One 85 yr old woman had the hood of her newer car dented with $700 or more damage from kids jumping on it! Walgreens has the most damage from this group of kids! No Reason anyone should be forced to put up with this madness!
    Where are the police?? The city has a crack down on curfew and there are kids under 13 running around till after midnight?? Property damage and auto damage to the extent of smashed hoods of autos..broken windows etc! Enough is Enough people on the block are ill with cancer and elderly! The children start to play outside at 9:30pm every night!
  • 7910 State Road Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Holmesburg
    There has been several accidents at this intersection due to the fact the turning lane facing north on State road to turn left onto Rhawn is totally worn off. The south bound traffic runs right into the north bound turning lane. Very bad accident the other night with faultily happened here. The entire stretch of State Road from Cottman to Rhawn needs new lines as well. It's all worn off and people are all over the road due to this.
  • 6200 Jackson St Philadelphia, PA - Wissanoming
  • 4246 Richmond St philadelphia, pa - Richmond
    There is a very large, rusty work van in front of my house that has not moved in over 2 months. It appears to have been in an accident & then abandoned. I reported this to 311 a month ago, but nothing has been done about it. My son's bookbag got caught on it's rusty bumper/license plate while boarding his school bus, making this vehicle hazardous.
  • 1314 Gillingham Street Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Prior to trash day and afterwards, multiple neighbors from along oakland street and orthodox pile their trash in front of the green garages instead of in front of their homes, renovation materials from the 1300 block of oakland street is dumped their also (i.e old carpets, furniture, building debris, concrete, wood)..animals tear up the trash and trash is constantly left over after the municipal trucks have picked up..this has become a tiresome and dirty situation and leaves the end of that street filthy