7th Police District, Bicycle Incidents

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-23

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

Notified About

  • Krewstown And Walley Philadelphia, PA - Bustleton
    overgrown weeds trash debris plastic bags filled trash bags
    school kids has to walk in the street making a highway hazzard a accident waiting to happens
  • 1411 Rhawn Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Fox Chase

    A friend and I were out tonight around 7 PM when he spotted this unbelievable graffiti vandalism on the rear second level of the Beneficial Bank at 1411 Rhawn Street.

    I imagine the graffiti vandal climbed the electrical boxes near the rear service door entrance , onto an above awning, and pulled up on the rain gutter to access the roof.This criminal tags GEO as you can barely tell from his stylized "writing." Notice again, the initials F.T.L. within the tag. He had to be up there quite a while to do this. This is the same graffiti vandal that recently did extensive damage to the rear of Safeguard Self-Storage at 1333 Rhawn near the CVS at Rhawn and Dungan.

  • 9900-9956 Gardenia Ln Philadelphia, PA 19115, USA - Bustleton
    This street, 9900 Gardenia Lane, is on a hill. It needs to be plowed. There is no way to go up or down this street without slipping. There has been at least one accident that I know of this week. We need a back-ho or front end loader to move the snow to the other side, or east side, of the street where there are no houses. There are only houses on the west side. *****Thank you in advance for your attention to this message*****
  • Verree Road At Red Lion Road Philadelphia, PA - Somerton
    the left turn arrows painted on the left hand turn lanes of Verree Road both ways} are all but obliterated. Many cars turning either way on Verree from Red Lion are not aware that it is a left turn designated lane.Many close calls for a bad accident to occur
  • 609 Poquessing Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Somerton
    property is unkept and abandoned with overgrown grass and shrubs. back yard is a mess with a collection of debri next to garage. is an eye sore on the street.