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  • 308 North Adams Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
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  • 308 North Adams Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    The intersection of N Adams at Brook, just off of Broad St is in dire need of a pedestrian crossing area. As new businesses in the area flourish, attracting more and more walking shoppers, this intersection will either be a dangerous reminder of our past or a emblem of new growth in Jackson Ward.
  • Other Archived
    329-399 Brook Road Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward
    Gravel and debris covering the sidewalk from road paving. City did not clean up.
  • 200 West Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Lazy tenants left sofa and mattress and trash everywhere☹ By our dumpster behind comfort restaurant. Please pick up! Thanks!
  • 324-398 Brook Road Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Green Land Rover has been parked on the street with a flat tire in the same spot for 3 weeks without being moved.
  • Other Archived
    319 Brook Rd Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward
    Water at curb near two water manholes. There for days when there has been no rain. Potential underground pipe issue? Nearby building has also seen abnormally high water bills.
  • Potholes Archived
    309 North Adams Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward
    Ridiculously inadequate paving job. Our text dollars should not go to this vendor.
  • Graffiti Archived
    312 Brook Rd Richmond, VA 23219, USA - Jackson Ward
    Alley behind Empire Theatre. Tags on Theatre IV shop bldgs.
  • Other Archived
    324-398 Brook Road Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward
    No parking sign has been knocked over. This is a tripping hazard and car have started parking along the street causing traffic issues.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    313 N Adams St richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    This "pothole" is more of a sink hole. The old sewer pipes in the alley have caused a sink hole to form and to continue to open up each time someone "fixs" it. It's holding water, mosquitos are forming, as well as collecting trash. The large trucks that use the alley for trash pick up and restaurant deliveries are at risk and making the hole larger at the same time. More asphalt being dropped into the hole is not going to fix this, it didn't 2 months ago either.
  • 107 West Broad Street Richmond, VA - Monroe Ward
    there has been an increase over the past few months of numerous pet owners in the area, who are not picking up their pets waste. I walk my dog 3+times a day within a 6 block radius in any given direction, and it has become an issue. I have seen one dog's owner not pick up after his animal(he looks like the spud mckensie dog) and had he been close enough to confront, I would have. There are no signs in the area about picking up after your pet, or the $200 fine. Some other animals owners are letting them poop on the sidewalk, at which point, my boyfriend and I have stepped in it at night accidentally. Since this is occurring near the police station, I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem to enforce.
  • Other Archived
    209 W Broad St Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Monroe Ward
    Leaking water meter