Clark County Transportation and Public Works

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To ensure our roads are able to keep up with increased demand and to address safety needs, the Transportation Program administers the operations of the transportation system in Clark County. Citizen involvement is an important factor in determining future road projects and repairs.

Notified About

  • potholes Archived
    Ne 107th Street Vancouver, WA - Five Corners
    2 potholes, located by mailboxes
  • Pothole Archived
    8600 Ne 157th Ct Vancouver, Washington - Orchards
    at the corner of NE 160 AV and NE 85th St. A large pothole about 2 feet across. This has been getting worse since the spring of 2017.
  • 11708 Ne 95th St Orchards, WA 98682 - Five Corners
    The entrance to 95th Street floods here any time there is a large amount of rainfall.
  • 1914 Ne 134th St Salmon Creek, WA - Salmon Creek

    In 2007 the Federal Highway Administration revised the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices to add this standard to Section 9C.04 Markings For Bicycle Lanes:

    06 A through bicycle lane shall not be positioned to the right of a right turn only lane or to the left of a left turn only lane.
    07 A bicyclist continuing straight through an intersection from the right of a right-turn lane or from the left of a left-turn lane would be inconsistent with normal traffic behavior and would violate the expectations of right- or left-turning motorists."

    I know this bike lane was striped before the MUTCD had been updated, but it really should be updated to place the bike lane between the right-turn lane and the through lane (like the bike lane across the street).

  • 1013 Ne 78th St Hazel Dell North, WA - Hazel Dell South
    One of the crosswalk buttons on the southeast corner of the intersection of 78th St and HWY 99 has somehow been ripped off of the pole and is dangling by the wires.
  • 2617 Se 59th Avenue Portland OR 97206 - Salmon Creek
    This pothole has been growing recently. it appears to be a sinkhole as the street around it is increasingly cracked.
  • graffiti Archived
    1300 Nw 139th St - Salmon Creek
    Se corner of Skyview HS on neighborhood wall first Grafitti I have ever seen here
  • 17800 Nw 31st Ave Ridgefield, WA 98642, USA - Clark County
    potholes, big and deep
  • Nw 5th Street battle ground, wa - Battle Ground
    The speed limit is ignored, drivers are constantly flying down our street.
  • pothole Archived
    1507 Northeast 156th Street Vancouver, Washington - Mount Vista
    There is a very large pothole on 156th St as you turn onto it from NE 15th PL. It has been causing damage to my car.
  • 2617 Se 59th Ave 97206 - Salmon Creek
    This pothole has bee growing recently. it appears to be a sinkhole as the street around it is increasingly cracked.
  • Swat Open
    50th And 119th Street Vancouver, WA - Barberton
    Swat and police are at this area. Whats going on?