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  • 3829-3835 Main St Kansas City, MO 64111, USA - Hanover Place
    the building next door and south of the monarch building is abandoned, boarded up, falling apart(literally), a hub for drugs, and an eyesore. and get this... the building is so bad that to protect us from it the city blocks off the sidewalk so we have to walk in the middle of main street to go past it. i say again... a building is so awful that the city would rather pedestrians walk in the middle of main street than get any where near it. am i missing something?
  • 4455 Madison Ave Kansas City, Missouri - West Plaza
    Pot hole at corner of 45th and Madsion ( on 45th street) This is being reported by 45 Madsion Apartment community
  • sidewalks Archived
    Lindwood Forest Ave. @ Kansas City jackson, MO. - Kansas City
    both sides of street are impassable from trees and broken concrete from lindwood to 35th
  • alley Open
    5106 Baltimore Avenue Kansas City, Missouri - South Plaza
    the alley has huge potholes and are growing as time goes by. i honestly don't know if the city takes care of alleys too but if something was to be done it would make a lot of people happy
  • 1900-1906 W 43rd Ave Kansas City, MO - Kansas City
    At the signal at 43rd Ave/Westport Rd and State Line, the green time for 43rd is too short. Additionally, detectors are not in use, so there are unnecessary red delays for 43rd during low-traffic hours.
  • 2013 Broadway Kansas City, Missouri - Broadway Gillham
    Big holes in alley in need of repair
  • 4004 Mc Gee St Kansas City, MO - Southmoreland
    There are near accident everyday on McGee street, where you have not put down salt or sand, it has been nearly two weeks since the first accumulation.
  • 3418 Genessee St Kansas City 64111, United States - Volker
    Old wall actively falling fast. Be careful walking down the sidewalk.
  • trash pick up Archived
    7201 East 118th Terrace Kansas City, MO - Western 49-63
    need trash and recycle picked up
  • 4304 Campbell St Kansas City 64110, United States - South Hyde Park
    Fire Hydrant in front of our house is leaking, making the front yard soupy, afraid it will start to run in the street
  • Pothole Open
    Southwest Trfy Kansas City, MO, 64111, USA - Volker
    Lots of potholes at the intersection of Southwest Trafficway and Westport Road.
  • graffiti Archived
    3678 Summit St. Kansas City, Missouri - Valentine
    graffiti on back of building, facing 3678 Jefferson st.'s yard